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Author: Doggy

Cavaletti Training für Hunde - was es ist und weshalb es für jeden Hund perfekt ist - auch für Seniorhunde, bei Hüftdysplasie, Arthrose & Co.

Cavaletti training for dogs – what it is, how it works & tips for setting it up

I’ll keep it short: Cavaletti training for dogs is really suitable for every dog. Whether you have a young, energetic puppy or an experienced, older ...
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Referenz Senior Komplett Kurs Susanne mit Kutte

Susanne with frock / Senior complete course

I no longer wanted to feel so helpless in the face of my dog’s pain and wanted to actively do something. I came across the ...
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Referenz Expertfit Bärbel mit Belos

Bärbel with Belos / ExpertFIT course

Dear Martina, the course is really great I can get a lot out of it for myself and I am already benefiting personally from the ...
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Nadja mit Frida / KnieFIT Kurs

Nadja with Frida / KneeFIT course

We did the KneeFIT course with a lot of joy and motivation. The instructions are very detailed and easy to understand. We have already achieved ...
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Rezension KnieFIT Kurs Katharina mit Maluk

Katharina with Maluk / KneeFIT course

I am very enthusiastic about the KneeFIT course that my Maluk and I are currently doing. Maluk was diagnosed with a torn cruciate ligament and ...
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Referenz Uta mit Amy & Maya/ Seniorfit Kurs

Reference Uta with Amy & Maya / SeniorFIT course

Dear Martina, I am now finished with our Senior Fit course. I have been training with Amy for 5-10 minutes every day since I started ...
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Willow bark for joint pain in dogs: a natural solution for less pain and more mobility

When our dogs suffer from joint or back disease, this is often associated with joint pain. If your dog is affected, you certainly want to ...
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Gelenkschmerzen beim Hund treten häufig auf und beeinträchtigen unsere Hunde. Erfahre hier, woran du sie erkennst und was du tun kannst.

Joint pain in dogs: Important signs and what you can do!

Your dog is an important part of the family, and it is our common goal to ensure that he is always well. One of the ...
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Judith mit Luke / Senior Premium Kurs

Judith with Luke / Senior Premium Course

Dear Martina, thank you very much for your Senior Premium course. This course is so lovingly designed and offers so much knowledge. Divided into different ...
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Referenz Manuela mit Balou/ Senior Premium Kurs

Manuela with Balou/ Senior Premium Course

Your Senior Premium course is a very helpful course for me personally. I am very impressed by your work and would like to take this ...
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Michaela mit Goofy/ Senior Premium Kurs

Michaela with Goofy/ Senior Premium Course

Joining the Senior Premium course was a great decision for me. It’s so great to have someone you can talk to and ask questions if ...
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Isometric training to reduce stress – mastering stressful situations

Isometric training looks very unspectacular at first glance. However, the effect on the dog is great in every respect. Isometric training is physically and mentally ...
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Hüftdysplasie ist eine häufige Gelenkerkrankung, von der unsere Hunde betroffen sind. Erfahre hier alle wichtigen Fakten zum Krankheitsbild.

Hip dysplasia in dogs: all the facts about the condition

This blog article is about a widespread joint disease that affects many dogs: hip dysplasia. This is a disease of the hip joint that ...
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Cavaletti training for dogs – how it works and what it brings to your dog

Cavaletti training for dogs – it exists? I still get a lot of wide-eyed looks when I tell dog people about cavaletti training and how ...
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Yvonne mit Scooby / SeniorFIT Kurs Doggy Fitness

Yvonne with Scooby / SeniorFIT course

Hello Tina, your training plan for senior dogs was very nice and also successful, already after 2 weeks, my dog, Scooby, Maltese-Yorkshire mix, sat down ...
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Vestibular syndrome in dogs – causes, symptoms and treatment

Vestibular syndrome is a condition that affects the dog’s vestibular system and causes various symptoms. In this text you will get important knowledge about the ...
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4 medicinal plants for joint pain in dogs: natural support for better mobility and less pain

In the course of their lives, many dogs develop joint diseases such as osteoarthritis, hip dysplasia or spondylosis. It is important that we support and ...
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Changes in the musculoskeletal system of the dog in old age: a holistic approach

As dogs age, they, like humans, experience changes in their musculoskeletal system. These age-related changes happen very individually in terms of the pace of change ...
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Cow hessianism in dogs due to muscular imbalance – causes, consequences and treatment

Cow hessianism in dog What is the effect of cowhessianity in dogs? Incorrect alignment of the hip and knee joints, as just described, does not ...
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Andrea with Livi / Backfit course

Dear Martina I was in the follow-up with Livi a few days ago. The measurements have shown that it is again evenly loaded. She is ...
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Manuela with Luna / Arthrosefit course

Dear Martina, first of all, thank you for the opportunity of the online training. We have now already arrived at module 4 of the Arthrosefit ...
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Anja with Mira / Basicfit course

We booked the Basic Fit course and are very excited. Mira is from a shelter and grew up as a puppy in a bunny cage ...
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Bianca with Nala / Backfit course

Hello Martina, Thanks to you and your various programs, I have managed to keep Nala quite fit despite Lafora epilepsy and spondylosis in the hip ...
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Physiotherapeutic Dog Fitness Training: A holistic approach to promoting your dog’s health and well-being.

If we want our dogs to be as mobile as possible throughout their lives, then walks alone are not enough. Various factors have an influence ...
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Annegret with Yoshi / Hipfit course

Dear Martina, It’s nice to see how eager Yoshi is to do the exercises. He loves to learn. Me too. His running has improved. He ...
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Reference Lydia with Helvi / Thank you for the Rückenfit course

Dear Tina, I just wanted to say thank you for the great back fit class! My dog Helvi comes from the Romanian animal protection and ...
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Katrin with Tilda / Backfit course

I would like to thank you very much for this great course. My dog is only 2 1/2 years old and had surgery to get ...
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Sarah with Beatz / Profifit course

Thank you so much that you have taken so much time – you do not know so at all. I give online courses in agility ...
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Sabine with Hape / Seniorfit course

Dear Tina,thank you very much for the Seniorfit course. Hape and I are practicing every day. It is great fun for us and itsHindquarters still ...
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Reference Claudia with Enno / Basicfit Young Dog Course

Dear Tina,I wanted to get in touch again. The treatments are now completed, we no longer need to go to the vet. The wound healed ...
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Reference July with Sheldi / Seniorfit course

Dear Tina, since 3-4 days Sheldi is walking much better again, the hind leg is hardly dragging (walks almost better than before) – of course: ...
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Reference Dagmar with Allie

Thank you dear Martina, I am thrilled because in the beginning when Allie was here she made a real carp back and now she is ...
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Vreni with Lilly / Backfit course

Hello Martina,the training according to your instructions is going well overall.Lilli (Golden Retriever) is 10.5 years old, had cauda equina point surgery in April 2018 ...
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Natasha with Cookie / Back Fit Course

Hello Martina,Cookie is a 3.5 year old Silken Windsprite, a greyhound who didn’t like to run because he had back problems. Before the course, he ...
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Mona with Akela / Hipfit course

Our golden boy Akela has now mastered 6 weeks of Hüftfit course super. The gold implants work in the same way.With the combination of both, ...
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Susanne with Cody / Backfit course

Dear Martina!Our 4th week of training has now begun. I wanted to give you some quick feedback. Cody’s gait has already improved wonderfully and he ...
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Brigitte with Matthieu / Seniorfit course

Hello Tina,Thank you very much for your lovely and motivating course guidance! The exercises do my senior a lot of good, he is much more ...
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Karolina with Einstein / Arthrosefit course

Einstein is already a senior at almost 12 years old, but thanks to your osteoarthritis course he has improved a lot and now shows no ...
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Prisca with Fenni / Backfit course

Hi there, I just wanted to share my conclusion about the Backfit course with you.We had started because he was misweighting due to HD, showing ...
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Christina with Maja / Seniorfit course

My Maja and I are now through the 6 modules and I want to thank you for the great tutorials.Even though Maja, who is almost ...
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Myriam with Lancelot / Backfit course

Lancelot is a 2 year old standard dachshund male, with a very long back. When he is 1 year old, we notice that he keeps ...
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Carmen Koch-Zacharopoulos/ Dog Fitness for Animal Therapists

It is very important to me to always continue my education and to be up to date. The online course – “Dog Fitness for Animal ...
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Nadine Melanie Bachmann/ various courses

I can only highly recommend Martina’s courses to everyone. Whether big or small, old or young… There is something for everyone, super explained by someone ...
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Yvonne with Scooby / Seniorfit

Hello Tina,your training plan for senior dogs was very nice and also successful, already after 2 weeks, my dog, Scooby, Mateser-Yorshire mix, sat down much ...
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X-legs in dogs – causes and consequences

X-legs in dogs Great Dane Irish Wolfhound Great Swiss Mountain Dog Newfoundland Mastiff Saint Bernard The causes of knock knees in dogs Incidentally, the malposition ...
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Dein Hund wird älter und wird ruhiger? Ich gebe dir wertvolle Tipps für gemeinsame Aktivitäten mit deinem Hundesenior.

Slow down – activities with the dog senior – when interests and needs change

Dog senior Dog senior – From power package to connoisseur Their interests are also changing. This is something that is completely normal and we as ...
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Nettle for dogs – gentle and effective relief for joint diseases such as osteoarthritis.

Nettle for dogs? Really?! Nettles know many people because they hurt nasty when you touch them. Yes, and as an annoying “weed” that grows pretty ...
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Swimming in dogs – is it really healthy for every dog?

Many dog people think it is a great activity for any dog to be able to swim in the summer. It is refreshing and after ...
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Lameness on the forehand in the dog – these are the possible causes

When a dog is lame in the forehand, our first thought is that joint disease in the foreleg is the cause. This is by no ...
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Osteoarthritis in dogs: what plants help against pain

Osteoarthritis plays a very large role in the joint diseases of our dogs. It is also always important here to look at how to alleviate ...
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