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Reference July with Sheldi / Seniorfit course

Referenz Juli mit Sheldi _ Seniorfit Kurs

Dear Tina, since 3-4 days Sheldi is walking much better again, the hind leg is hardly dragging (walks almost better than before) – of course: he lies a lot, but around noon (after a short walk) and especially in the evening for the evening walk he is very lively, also asks us to finally go (“WUFF!!!!”) and prances around us… Now the biggest challenge is to watch out that he doesn’t do anything unreasonable… He sees it less and less that he is carried on the stairs (“completely unnecessary” – he fidgets!).

That my Sheldi is already so short time after the herniated disc back on his feet and has fun with the Cavaletti exercise, we have not least thanks to you and your exercises! I am quite sure: without them we would not be so far now! Thank you so much for supporting us in such a great way.

Love greetings

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