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Online courses for senior dogs

Developed by the cert. Dog physiotherapist Martina Flocken – gentle, natural support and sustainable mobility for older dogs

Sustainable mobility of older dogs with concept and structure

As our dogs get older, their needs change and they need special care and attention. At the same time, dog people are often unsettled by this phase of life and wonder what they can do to help their dog. Aging itself is not a “disease” and with targeted and needs-based support, senior dogs can move through life mobile and pain-free. In my various online courses especially for older dogs, I show you how to keep your older dog mobile and delay the aging process in a natural way for the long term. I teach you the learning content in many easy to understand videos and also illustrated written instructions and they are structured so that you can start immediately and support your dog and make improvements right away.

Unsure which course is right for your older dog? Feel free to write me and together we will choose the right course for your dog’s needs.

All important courses for your senior dog


Is your dog showing the signs of age? Walks become shorter and everyday movements become more difficult? The muscles become less and joints rust in? You wish that your dog can grow old mobile and free of complaints? I help you with it! In my SeniorFIT online course, I’ll show you how to get started with regular training units of a few minutes, with my easy to implement training concept, your mobilize your dog with a gentle whole-body workout, improve nerve function, improve movement patterns and strengthen his muscles.

SeniorAGIL Course

Your dog is getting older and showing signs of aging? His mobility is impaired, but you know painkillers alone aren’t the answer. You’re tired of looking for solutions and want to be able to fall back on effective measures that are professionally put together. You want to be able to confidently support your dog in the aging process through comprehensive knowledge. In the SeniorAGIL online course, you’ll learn how to support your dog as he ages with a variety of interventions including wraps, thermotherapy, medicinal plants and nutritional supplements. Pain is relieved, mobility is improved and the aging process is slowed down. You’ll learn how to make everyday life easier and exercise your dog properly. Detailed instructions and videos will help you to apply everything correctly. This gives you confidence in dealing with the aging process. Your dog will enjoy walks again and move more easily.

SeniorVITAL online course

In my SeniorVITAL online course, you will learn how you can actively support your dog in old age by administering medicinal mushrooms. You will learn about a specific selection of medicinal mushrooms that are perfectly suited to the health needs of older dogs and gain comprehensive basic knowledge – including dosage, contraindications and dosage forms. For safe use and a health-promoting effect.

Senior PREMIUM Program

In my Senior Premium course with a limited number of participants, you will receive a clear roadmap and comprehensive knowledge of various physiotherapeutic measures such as dog fitness, massage, wraps, strengthening of nerve function and much more, to accompany your dog gently and as naturally as possible, including personal guidance from me. Our common goal is to help your dog have the best possible quality of life as he ages. You benefit from a regular personal exchange with me, for a needs-based care of your senior dog.

*14-day Zoom meetings and therefore limited number of participants.

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