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Doggy Fitness Webinars

Learn in my webinars everything about the movement of the dog and about diseases of the musculoskeletal system


Healthy exercise throughout a dog's life - from puppies to seniors

In the webinar recording, we look at dog movement, how it changes throughout a dog’s life, and how dog people can ensure healthy movement at each dog’s age and what to avoid. You’ll learn all about healthy exercise that meets your needs. Prevention is an important keyword here. Includes understandable basic knowledge about anatomy and movement, as well as basic exercises from Dog Fitness for Every Dog to actively promote your dog’s mobility.

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Common back diseases - recognize, understand, become active

Back diseases are among the most common musculoskeletal disorders in dogs. In the webinar recording you will receive comprehensive knowledge about conditions such as spondylosis, herniated disc or cauda equina compression syndrome and accompanying exercises from exercise training and accompanying measures that can be used for back disorders. The goal is to provide dog people with knowledge to gain more confidence in dealing with the disease.

Movement pain in dog

Does your dog sometimes run out of round? Does he act differently than usual some days? In the webinar recording, you’ll learn how to recognize pain in dogs and how dogs feel it. It introduces the topic of pain management and shows how you can support your dog in parallel with veterinary treatment. Typical movement abnormalities in the gait pattern and their causes are presented in this context. You will not only learn to understand the topic of pain in dogs, but I will give you measures that you can additionally apply yourself.

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Old dog - so what?! Support for old dogs

We can’t prevent it – our dogs get older and physically decline. Because what actually happens in the dog’s body when dogs age? How can we support our four-legged friends, keep them mobile and even delay the aging process? And what can I still expect my dog to do, what is fun for older dogs and how do I deal with the aging of my four-legged friend? I give you an insight into the biological process of aging and provides a good understanding. At the same time I give you measures how you can actively support and accompany your own dog in the process of aging.

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Discount code: WEBINAR-FJI

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