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Reference Lydia with Helvi / Thank you for the Rückenfit course

Referenz Lydia mit Helvi _ Danke für den Rückenfit Kurs

Dear Tina,

I just wanted to say thank you for the great back fit class! My dog Helvi comes from the Romanian animal protection and has been with me for three quarters of a year. Estimated she is about 2 years old. Unfortunately, she no longer showed a positioning reflex in either hind paw. After the examination at the vet and acupuncture by my veterinary practitioner, it was clear: we need to strengthen the muscles in the back. Since Helvi is carrying her package from Romania, external visits are still a bit difficult for her, so I was looking for a way to train her sensibly at home and came across your courses. So we have been doing your course for 6 weeks now. Helvi was so happy every time that we do the exercises again. 🙂 I tried every now and then to trigger the position reflex. And in week 5 he was suddenly back! I am so happy that Helvi found the exercises so helpful and that she enjoyed them so much, so I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you! 🙂 Since Helvi enjoyed the fitness program so much, we will definitely be booking more of your classes.

All the best for you and your bitch, best regards

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