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Manuela with Luna / Arthrosefit course

Manuela mit Luna / Arthrosefit Kurs

Dear Martina, first of all, thank you for the opportunity of the online training. We have now already arrived at module 4 of the Arthrosefit training.

It is a lot of fun and Luna does the exercises with enthusiasm. Every time I put the jogging mat ready, she is already ready

Luna has mild osteoarthritis in her right forehand joint and before I started your exercises, she was limping quite badly at times. Now it has improved a lot, she still does not run cleanly, but she can now run over larger stone paths without running at a snail’s pace.

Also, she is starting to hold the sit and down slowly in the correct position, she has always tilted on her side.

We are very excited to begin Module 4. Thanks also for the super videos on this.

I am very curious what our physio will say about Luna’s progress at the next visit. I will be happy to let you know then.

Love greetings

Manuela and Luna

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