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BackAGIL Online Course
Relieve back pain and confidently manage back conditions such as spondylosis, cauda equina compression syndrome and herniated discs.

Here you will learn how to use wraps, heat therapy, medicinal herbs and supplements, and measures to support nerve function to help your dog with back disease in a way that relieves pain, improves mobility, and halts the progression of back disease. In addition, you will learn many different measures to make everyday life and exercise easier for your dog and how to move him properly.

THE platform for dog physiotherapy by expert Martina Flocken, also known from

My name is

Glad to have you here!

I am a dog physiotherapist and book author. Welcome to Doggy Fitness. Dog physiotherapy has been my passion for many years now and I have been privileged to help many dogs gain more pain-free mobility. My guiding principle is “movement is life”. I am joined by Tessa, who you will also see in my online courses. We have been going through life together for many years now. For me, she is the best proof of how much our dogs benefit when we humans take care of their health. Thanks to dog fitness training, gentle massages and supportive measures from nature such as medicinal plants, she is still really fit even at 13 years old. I show you in my courses how you can achieve this with your dog. And it doesn’t matter if you have a healthy dog that you want to support preventively, or a dog with a musculoskeletal condition, or a senior dog. I look forward to seeing you in one of my classes.

Does that sound familiar?

What you really need to sustainably and effectively support your dog with a back condition:

A comprehensive portfolio of professional measures that you can apply according to your dog's needs - in acute cases as well as permanent accompanying measures.

Create with the backAGIL course that

Start your Doggy Fitness backAGIL course today

Already look forward to sustainable improvements in the mobility of your dog

Effective, easy-to-implement measures

Through various effective measures , you will sustainablyalleviate pain in your dog, improve his body awareness and enable him to move better and more easily. All measures are easy to implement and can be integrated into your everyday life.

Lasting physical improvements

Instead of searching the internet for tutorials and ideas to help you and actually not having a real concept with you, in the course you will learn different dog physiotherapy and phytotherapy measures from an experienced therap ist that you can adapt in a meaningful way to your dog’s needs.

Safety in dealing with the back disease

Through the detailed video tutorials and written instructions, in which I show you exactly how each action works and what you should pay attention to, you get a great confidence in their application. Through the comprehensive basic knowledge, you know exactly what you are doing and can thus support your dog in a meaningful way.

Without structured and well thought-out measures? No relief from back problems - no matter how great your motivation.

Doggy Fitness - your way to a healthy and sustainable approach to your dog's back condition.

Start now for a one-time fee of 49€ with the RückenAGIL course!

Sign up now and improve your dog's health effectively and sustainably!

THE online course you need to permanently, gently and sustainably relieve back pain in your dog.

Structured modules with measures that complement each other
I'll show you how to use heat therapy to relieve pain and increase mobility.
Behavioral tips for everyday life, proper exercise and supportive measures
Detailed video instructions and written, illustrated instructions on various wraps for relieving joint pain
comprehensive knowledge of various medicinal plants and nutritional supplements for back disorders
permanent access to the course content

What you get

  1. The BackAGIL online course is a self-learning course with structured modules, with different measures of support for back disorders such as spondylosis, herniated disc or cauda equina compression syndrome, which complement each other and can be combined according to your dog’s needs.
  2. You will learn about different wraps in the course in video instructions and written, illustrated instructions for relieving back pain.
  3. I’ll show you how to use heat therapy to relieve pain and increase mobility.
  4. From a wealth of medicinal plants and supplements, I have compiled for you particularly effective ones that relieve pain and inhibit inflammation. For pain-free movement.
  5. You’ll receive a comprehensive portfolio of behavioral tips for everyday life, managing dogs with back conditions, information on proper exercise and supportive measures to help your dog’s mobility and everyday life. Furthermore, you will learn about measures to improve nerve function.
  6. Permanent access to the course content offers you the opportunity to make a lifelong difference in your dog’s health. It is close to my heart and I want to motivate you to be sustainably active.

More advantages for you

All content and exercises are developed and understandable so that you, as a dog person, can easily copy them and not harm your dog. It is not necessary that you purchase equipment.

Maximum flexibility

You can start the course at any time.

Money back guarantee

Not satisfied? I offer you a voluntary money back guarantee within 14 days of purchase.

Structure of the online courses

In the video I give you an insight into the RückenAGIL course.

All courses are structured according to a proven system.

This gives you the opportunity to view the course content whenever you have the time and are relaxed.

Modules provide good structure for learning at your own pace

Detailed instructions provide security in the application

I explain everything in detail in the video instructions

Bonus content

This changes for your dog

This is what the course gives you

Our Services

This is what the course gives you and your dog

Your bond will be intensified and strengthened.

A shared activity that you can incorporate into your daily routine as a ritual.

The opportunity to enjoy valuable time together.

You enjoy life together.

Is the online course something for me?

When an online course makes sense for you

The advantages of your online course

Frequently asked questions

Find your answer here or just contact me at and I'll be happy to help!

No, absolutely not! The course does not replace a visit to the veterinarian or veterinary treatment. I ask you to refrain from using the online course as a substitute for treatment by your veterinarian. It serves as a support to maintain health and recovery!

No, you do not need it. The course platform is intuitive and clear. You don’t need any special programs or anything and you can even watch the videos on your cell phone or tablet. You can also conveniently save the training plans in PDF format on the medium of your choice – or print them out in the classic way and hang them on the refrigerator.

There is no need to purchase special equipment for when you attend one of my dog fitness classes. I present you alternatives for each exercise, with, for example, utensils from the household or nature,

Immediately after purchase you will receive an email with your access data, with which you can log in online. Your first week of classes with training plan, video tutorials and all instructions as PDF will be unlocked for you immediately. The other content will be unlocked week by week. This gives you enough time for implementation. You can watch the course videos online. You can download the training plans and additional exercise instructions as PDF.

You should set aside some time each day to train with your dog. Basically, the training is designed so that you can integrate it into your day as you wish. You can also conveniently and flexibly spread the exercises throughout the day. It is important that you reserve the time for training exclusively for your dog, without distracting factors. In total, you should not have to invest more than a maximum of 15 minutes per day. However, I recommend that you train slowly and with concentration rather than scurrying through the exercises quickly.

No, all courses – except the ExpertFIT course – are aimed at dog people and no prior medical knowledge is necessary.

We offer you a voluntary 14-day money back guarantee. To exercise the money-back guarantee, you must notify us by means of a clear statement and proof of worksheet via email. By law, since 2014, the right of return for digital products expires at the moment the buyer gains insight into the product, the download or the streaming begins (Article 246a §1 paragraph 2 sentence 1 number 1 (BGB). This refund is pure goodwill on my part.

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