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Online courses massage for the dog

Developed by the cert. Dog physiotherapist Martina Flocken – gentle relaxation for more well-being of your dog.


Online courses on massage for the dog - for interested dog people

The gentle power of massage - relaxation and feel-good moments for your dog and you

Here you will find massage courses for muscle relaxation and pain relief, as well as a wellness treatment for physical and mental relaxation and strengthening the bond. You will learn step by step how to massage your dog. Proper massage techniques, which have a relaxing and pain-relieving effect, need to be learned. I will guide you in the courses step by step and clearly in video instructions, so that you can apply your learned knowledge safely and correctly on your dog.

You are unsure which course is the right one for your dog? Feel free to contact me and together we will choose the right course for your dog’s needs.

RelaxFIT course

Dogs love to be massaged and benefit health wise. Whether they suffer from movement problems, have muscular tension or simply want a relaxing wellness massage. You can also help anxious, nervous and restless dogs to become more calm with massage.
In my massage course, I show you online with detailed video instructions and written instructions which massage strokes are healthy for your dog. In addition, you will gain important theoretical knowledge on the subject of massage. In this way you can sustainably relieve tension, reduce muscular and joint pain and improve your dog’s mobility.

WellFIT course

You want to escape the hectic pace of the world, just press pause and do something for your dog’s health at the same time?
In the WellFIT course you will learn online how to relax your dog through soothing massages and aromatic oils. The detailed video instructions and theoretical knowledge about massage will help you. In addition, you will learn about the effects of different aromatic oils and how to use them correctly. You can create islands of calm at home and relax together with your dog, relieve tension and positively influence his health – including inspiring affirmations for dog people that strengthen you in your life together with your dog.

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