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Learn how to improve your dog’s health with dog physiotherapy & dog fitness training – for a long, happy dog life.

THE platform for dog physiotherapy by expert Martina Flocken, also known from

My name is

I am a dog physiotherapist and book author. Welcome to Doggy Fitness. Dog physiotherapy has been my passion for many years now and I have been privileged to help many dogs gain more pain-free mobility. My guiding principle is “movement is life”. I am joined by Tessa, who you will also see in my online courses. We have been going through life together for many years now. For me, she is the best proof of how much our dogs benefit when we humans take care of their health. Thanks to dog fitness training, gentle massages and supportive measures from nature such as medicinal plants, she is still really fit even at 13 years old. I show you in my courses how you can achieve this with your dog. And it doesn’t matter if you have a healthy dog that you want to support preventively, or a dog with a musculoskeletal condition, or a senior dog. I look forward to seeing you in one of my classes.

Dog physiotherapy, practical to read up on

In October 2022, Kosmos Verlag published my bookPhysiotherapy for the dog“. A book that accompanies you on 272 pages as a dog person through the entire life of your dog. You will learn everything about dog physiotherapy. From the anatomy of the dog, common diseases of the musculoskeletal system, common forms of treatment, to the topics of pain in dogs and senior dogs. In addition, you get many measures and instructions such as massage or thermotherapy and wraps to the hand, with which you can actively support your dog at any age itself and there are even 35 instructions for various active movement and fitness exercises.

Online offers

There are forms of treatment from canine physiotherapy that you can use on your dog yourself, with guidance, to help him with joint disorders, in old age or even preventively at any age to keep him healthy and improve his health. I show you exactly how to do this in my online courses without you having to worry about doing anything wrong.

With my many years of experience I will accompany you and share my knowledge and expertise in an easy to understand and uncomplicated way for you to implement. This way you support your dog’s health sustainably and without risk of harming him.

My online courses are divided into different topics, which are marked with a color system for better orientation for you.

Mint – dog fitness training for joint diseases, for older dogs and for prevention.
Rosa – Courses of massage in the dog & relaxation
Blue – AGIL courses – support and pain relief for joint and back diseases and old age.
Yellow – Senior Premium program with an all-round package for older dogs and personal care.
Rosewood – Professional courses for therapists

Dog fitness training

In my online courses on physiotherapeutic dog fitness training, I show you how you can support your dog specifically and sustainably with diseases of the musculoskeletal system, in old age and preventively. Thanks to professional training concepts, exercises build on each other in a meaningful way and you always know exactly how much you should train with your dog. For a healthy and needs-oriented training that is fun!

Massage courses

Learn to gently relax your dog’s muscles, relieve joint pain and improve mobility with massage. It is also perfect as a wellness treatment for physical and mental relaxation and strengthening the bond. In my online courses I guide you step by step and you learn easily understandable the right massage techniques that have a relaxing and pain-relieving effect.

AGIL courses

Your dog suffers from a joint or back disease or is already older? In my AGIL courses you will learn to accompany and support your dog according to his needs in a natural way. I’ll show you a comprehensive portfolio of interventions such as wraps, medicinal herbs and supplements, as well as everyday measures you can combine to help your dog achieve pain-free and better mobility.

Dog fitness for therapists

You are a therapist and want to integrate physiotherapeutic dog fitness training into your daily practice in an uncomplicated way and expand your therapy offer for your patients? In my ExpertFIT online course, I provide you with over 100 exercise videos and written instructions, and professionally constructed workout concepts on various
diseases of the musculoskeletal system and for senior dogs, which you can also pass on to your
Patient owner may pass on.

Senior PREMIUM Program

In my Senior Premium course with a limited number of participants, you will receive a clear roadmap and comprehensive knowledge of various physiotherapeutic measures such as dog fitness, massage, wraps, strengthening of nerve function and much more, to accompany your dog gently and as naturally as possible, including personal guidance from me. Our common goal is to help your dog have the best possible quality of life as he ages. You benefit from a regular personal exchange with me, for a needs-based care of your senior dog.

*14-day Zoom meetings and therefore limited number of participants.

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Dog fitness media library

In my dog fitness media library you will find over 100 different video tutorials with exercises from physiotherapeutic dog fitness training.


In my webinars I share with you my knowledge about dog physiotherapy, exercise and musculoskeletal disorders.

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You have an older dog and want to learn how to support him? Sign up now for my FREE HappySENIOR course and get valuable tips.

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