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Prisca with Fenni / Backfit course

Referenz Prisca mit Fenni _ Rückenfit Kurs

Hi there, I just wanted to share my conclusion about the Backfit course with you.
We had started because he was misweighting due to HD, showing stiffness and pain in his back and just overall unstable.
Fenni has gained a lot in stability, balance and musculature! He is much safer again, more agile, the hip no longer cracks with every movement and also I can handle and respond to him much better through all the tips (no climbing stairs, apartment made slip-proof, etc.). Funnily enough, he has been lying on his back a lot since I started feeling better.
Not to mention that he enjoys the exercises soo much!
We will of course stay tuned!
Very best regards and a big thank you to Martina!

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