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Category: Story

Vacation with dog – Fit on vacation with this simple training! (advertisement)

The vacation season starts again and what could be better for us dog owners than to spend the vacation with our dogs. Even though we ...
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Chatting out of the sewing box – my way to the dog physio

I was not born a dog physio. Phew, so now it’s out. 😉 “What does the dog as a vocation mean to you?” I asked ...
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Amputation: happily through life on 3 legs!

Three-legged dogs and life after amputation Most of us have encountered them more often: Dogs on three legs after an amputation. Even have a three-legged ...
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My life with a handicap dog – special and enriching

An insight into my life with my handicap dog Snowy When a dog enters our lives, we usually have a picture in mind of what ...
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