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Myriam with Lancelot / Backfit course

Referenz Myriam mit Lancelot _ Rückenfit Kurs

Lancelot is a 2 year old standard dachshund male, with a very long back. When he is 1 year old, we notice that he keeps limping with his hind legs. We go to the physical therapist. This loosens the muscles and explains the cause. With Lancelot, he says it’s important to strengthen the muscles around the kneecap.
Done – with the help of the Quickfit course we start with strength training and specifically strengthen the hindquarters. At a later follow-up, the physiotherapist is very surprised – the improvement is incredible. The kneecap can no longer slip out because the musculature supports everything optimally. I tell him about Martina’s online courses. The physio is thrilled and will now recommend the courses to other pet owners.
Since Lancelot has a rather long back, we are currently working on the back program – according to the motto: prevention is always better.

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