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Nettle for dogs – gentle and effective relief for joint diseases such as osteoarthritis.

Brennessel für Hunde – sie bietet sanfte und effektive Linderung bei Gelenkerkrankungen wie Arthrose und Hüftdysplasie und lindert Schmerzen.

Nettle for dogs? Really?! Nettles know many people because they hurt nasty when you touch them. Yes, and as an annoying “weed” that grows pretty much everywhere, it is known to many. But the nettle can do much more. Thus, it performs well in bladder and kidney diseases. But would you have known that it is also a valuable medicinal plant in connection with musculoskeletal disorders? It can be excellent for joint diseases such as osteoarthritis and arthritis. Already Paracelsus (1493-1494) described the healing power of nettles for joint pain.

How does stinging nettle? Nettle for dogs

Nettle has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect. For example, it inhibits substances involved in the inflammatory process, such as cytokines, cyclooxygenase and lipoxygenase. Thus, it shows a similar effect as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). However, nettle is better tolerated than synthetic NSAIDs. The study situation is still poor, but there is already a lot of evidence of efficacy. A German study, for example, shows that the active ingredients in stinging nettle can lower rheumatism-specific blood levels, alleviate joint pain, joint stiffness and restricted mobility, and improve mobility.

Effectiveness of nettle in osteoarthritis

The cytokines TNF-α and interleukin-1ß stimulate the formation of cartilage-degrading enzymes and at the same time promote the production of pro-inflammatory messenger substances such as prostaglandin E2 in the cartilage and connective tissue cells. Experimental studies provided evidence that nettle leaf extract inhibits both cytokines. An observational study was conducted to determine the extent to which these results can be transferred to humans. For this purpose, 20 patients with painful osteoarthritis received two or three capsules of nettle extract per day.

The result nettle for dogs

Over the course of the subjects’ three-month treatment, the subjects’ joint pain decreased by 36% with two capsules per day. At three capsules per day, it was 45%. Joint function and joint stiffness improved by 32 and 35%, respectively (determined by WOMAC questionnaire).

Since the perception of pain and the clinical picture of osteoarthritis are comparable in humans and dogs, one can assume similar results in dogs.

The nettle – short plant portrait

There are different species of nettles, some of which are annuals or perennials. Some also grow into semi-shrubs. Native to Europe, stinging nettles can grow from 10 centimeters to 3 meters tall, depending on location and nutrient situation.

In German-speaking countries, the following four nettle species are important:

  • Great nettle (Urtica dioica),
  • Small nettle (Urtica urens),
  • Reed nettle (Urtica kioviensis),
  • Pill nettle (Urtica pilulifera)

The latter is originally from the Mediterranean region.

Use of nettle for dogs

Nettles best develop their effect in the form of freshly squeezed juices, chopped or ground in dog food.

Which products?

Of course, since the plant grows everywhere, you can collect it yourself and also dry it. When harvesting, make sure you don’t collect in high traffic areas and don’t completely harvest areas. The stinging hairs can be rendered harmless after picking by placing the nettle leaves on a cloth, folding it over and working it with a rolling pin. Mixing and cooking also destroy the nettle hairs.

Of course, you can also use ready-made nettle products in the form of powder, dried leaves or juices.

You should refrain from giving stinging nettle to dogs: Nettle for dogs

  • Histamine intolerance
  • Stomach ulcers
  • Renal failure

Have you ever given your dog nettle? What are your experiences? Feel free to share them with us in the comments!

All the love, your Tina

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