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Yvonne with Scooby / Seniorfit

Referenz Yvonne mit Scooby Seniorfit

Hello Tina,
your training plan for senior dogs was very nice and also successful, already after 2 weeks, my dog, Scooby, Mateser-Yorshire mix, sat down much better. With the butt on the legs and also at the ” place” the legs are not left beside but under the dog.
My dog also enjoyed the exercises, although he had to relearn a few things, from jumping over the poles – just running over and just stretching his nose instead of going into the bunny position, etc.
Thank you for the great opportunity to book these tasks online with you. I also liked the fact that you don’t need any fancy tools to do this, so you can really do the exercises every day without any problems.
I will definitely recommend your offer to others!
Kind regards
Yvonne & Scooby

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