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Pain-free through autumn and winter with joint problems – 5 tips to support your dog in everyday life!

If there’s one thing our dogs suffer from when it comes to joint problems, it’s the cold, wet weather in the fall and winter. If ...
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7 tips to make life easier for a dog with a disability!

If a dog has a disability, so you have to constantly adapt your life to the needs of the dog in everyday life. Many dog ...
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4 Tips to get a dog with joint problems back in shape fast & what you should avoid!

Joint problems in dogs are an issue that affects almost every dog owner in the course of a dog’s life. Again and again dog owners ...
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Bone cancer in dogs – all the facts about the disease

Bone cancer is a common cancer in dogs. There’s no need to beat around the fact that the prognosis is extremely poor. However, it is ...
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Vestibular syndrome in dogs – the most important behavior tips

Vestibular syndrome in dogs is a far more common condition in our four-legged friends than most think. After Snowy came down with vestibular syndrome at ...
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Osteoarthritis in dogs – 7 important tips for behavior

Every dog person has actually heard of osteoarthritis in dogs. It is one of the most common joint diseases in our four-legged friends. Osteoarthritis is ...
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Degenerative Myelopathy – Behavioral Tips Part III of the Blog Series

Degenerative Myelopathy is a dreaded disease among dog owners. A genetic cause is suspected, but it has not been completely clarified. This disease is particularly ...
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The dog bed – These 6 points you should consider when choosing!

Most of our four-legged friends have more than one dog bed. But what criteria do we use to choose a bed for our dog? Our ...
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What an orthopedic dog bed does! – Doggyfit

Does an orthopedic dog bed do what it promises? In my last article, I told you what to look for when choosing a dog bed ...
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The right sleeping place for your dog – THIS is what you should definitely consider!

Pay some attention to the sleeping place of your four-legged friend Dots, stripes or rather plain? Round or square? The selection criteria for the sleeping ...
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