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What an orthopedic dog bed does! – Doggyfit

Doggyfit orthopädisches Hundebett Tessa mit Easy Clean Bezug und 2 Komponenten Matratze

Does an orthopedic dog bed do what it promises?

In my last article, I told you what to look for when choosing a dog bed so that your dog can lie really relaxed. What makes an orthopedic dog bed and what you should definitely consider when choosing, I tell you in this article!

For which dogs is suitable orthopedic dog bed?

I’ll make it short: Every dog should lie optimally! Because a restful sleep also affects the general well-being. This means that it does not matter whether your dog is still young and healthy. Or whether he is exposed to special loads as a sport dog .also an older dog profits. The effect is noticeable for every dog. For dogs with diseases of the musculoskeletal system like Hip dysplasia, spondylosis, osteoarthritis or herniated discs, an orthopedic bed is indispensable. Because it noticeably relieves the body.

What distinguishes an orthopedic dog bed from a “normal! Bed?

To get to the bottom of the question, we took a close look at a Doggyfit orthopedic dog bed. That means we took a closer look at the inner workings .

Magic word: Visco foam?

The so-called visco foam (memory foam) is the heart of an orthopedic dog bed. The foam was developed for space travel. Today it is used for medicinal purposes. The Visco foam provides noticeable relief for patients who are lying permanently. The even lying pressure relieves pain and supports the body evenly. This means that it increases the comfort of lying and additionally prevents lying calluses. The foam adapts perfectly to the shape of the body, you lie as if on a cloud.

Since this special property of Visco foam also works for dogs, it is used as a leading component of an orthopedic bed.

Is Visco foam alone enough for a relaxed sleep?

In order for the Visco foam to work, for the mattress to also be breathable and for there to be no heat buildup, there are a few things to keep in mind. The right structure plays a decisive role! To achieve the desired effect, the tested mattress is processed three different layers in the mattress. A layer of Visco foam is placed on a supporting layer of cold foam. A padding as a third layer provides the necessary temperature balance.

How does an orthopedic dog bed work?

  • The mattress adapts to the shape of the dog’s body by using certain materials. This means it has a beneficial and relieving effect on the spine and joints of the dog.
  • The material reacts point-elastic and sensitive to body temperature and weight of the dog. So, the pressure relief is accompanied by better blood circulation in the body.
  • The lying surface hugs the sinking contours. This reduces the pressure of the support points. During sleep and rest, the spine and joints lie in an anatomically optimal position.
  • Overall, the points provide a restful sleep and prevent joint and back pain due to improper lying.

My dogs have done the test. That is our conclusion:

  • Getting started is easy even for a handicap dog or a senior. The front edge has a small height.
  • Tessa and Snowy can stretch out well in bed and snuggle in comfortably due to the high side edge.
  • The three-layer structure of the mattress gives the dog a stable lying comfort. It adapts to the shape of the dog’s body. And this is something that both dogs find very pleasant.
  • In the summer, it is important to my dog girls that the heat does not accumulate in the bed. I was all the more surprised that they showed little restlessness despite high temperatures at night. This speaks for a good air circulation.
  • For us, the big moment after getting up in the morning: Snowy shows no stiffness in her movements and is overall very relaxed. This means a much better start to the day.
  • Even with the small nappies during the day, Snowy has no difficulties after getting up. Because she usually has them when she’s been lying too hard – or too soft.

Therefore, we do not want to deprive you of these points:

What we find very positive: Even with the material of the floor is thought out. The underside of the bed is covered with a non-slip fleece. This is not only robust and tear-resistant, but also breathable. A very nice point. Because so the bed does not suffer so much even outside on the terrace, for example…. By the way, the dog bed is available in many different sizes. We have tested the XL variant 120 cm, in which it may be cuddly even two slender Podenco ladies find place.



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