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The right sleeping place for your dog – THIS is what you should definitely consider!

Was gibt es grundsätzlich beim Schlafplatz zu beachten? Ich verrate dir wichtige Punkte, die du bei der Auswahl des Hundebetts unbedingt beachten solltest.

Pay some attention to the sleeping place of your four-legged friend

Dots, stripes or rather plain? Round or square? The selection criteria for the sleeping place of our four-legged friend often depend on the taste and home furnishings of the dog owner.

However, our dogs do not use their cribs only for the night – many hours a day they sleep, snooze, cuddle and rest in them. Reason enough to make sure that our dogs are well bedded!

I’ll tell you important points that you should definitely consider when choosing a dog bed.

What are the basic things to consider when sleeping?

  • The sleeping area should be large enough for your dog to stretch out completely.
  • The crib should be in a warm, draft-free place and well insulated to keep out floor cold.
  • Your dog should not lie on cold floors, especially with musculoskeletal disorders.
  • A slightly raised edge on the dog bed ensures that your dog can snuggle up and his body heat is better reflected. Many dogs seek warmth on their own at ARTHROSE, for example, and love to lie that way.
  • The entrance should be comfortable and not too high, especially for older or sick dogs.
  • With the right dog bed can avoid bedsores, which affect especially older dogs or those with joint diseases.
  • It is always worth a look at the inside of the dog bed. A good filling material is the linchpin of a dog bed and determines how comfortable your dog actually lies. Since with this point the quality of a dog bed stands and falls, I would like to deal with it in more detail.

Outside Hui, inside Pfui – applies unfortunately also to many dog beds

Unfortunately, if you look into the inlays of a wide variety of dog beds, you often see the same sad picture. Outside the bed is chic, great finish and modern. But the lying comfort falls mercilessly by the wayside. Cheapest foam or small pieces of foam and filling batting are the most common materials used in the core of the bed.

How can a dog sleep comfortably and even healthily on it?

We wouldn’t sleep a wink on a mattress made of plain foam and filler batting, how do you want your dog to be comfortable? The load on each part of the body is uneven, the dog not only lies uncomfortably, but his body is stressed during the resting phase. Even the beautiful appearance does not help anymore!

Whether your dog is in good health, older or suffers from a joint disease: Tension, back pain, joint stiffness are preprogrammed in the long run.

Just a trend or real benefit for your dog? – Orthopedic dog beds!

When I recommended an orthopedic dog bed to my patient-owners for their four-legged friends in my practice a few years ago, I was often smiled at. Fortunately, what was a young trend for luxury dogs just a few years ago has caught on. For our dogs regardless of whether healthy or plagued by diseases of the musculoskeletal system, it is very pleasant and healthy to sleep in an orthopedic bed.

Did the wolf also have an orthopedic bed in the wild?!

A counter question: Why shouldn’t our four-legged friends benefit from us making their lives more pleasant? We humans know it too: If we have slept on a bad mattress, we wake up the next morning and feel like we have been wiped out. The back hurts, all joints are stiff. Headaches are often added to the mix. Actually, the day is over. Can you imagine your dog feeling the same way!

Which advantages an orthopedic dog bed has for your dog, how the filling should look like and what else there is to consider, I’ll tell you in my next article!


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