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Osteoarthritis in dogs – 7 important tips for behavior

Von Arthrose beim Hund hat eigentlich jeder Hundehalter schon einmal gehört. Hier erfährst du 7 Tipps, wie du deinem Hund helfen kannst!

Every dog person has actually heard of osteoarthritis in dogs. It is one of the most common joint diseases in our four-legged friends. Osteoarthritis is a chronic, progressive function of the joint.

There are various causes that lead to small damage to the cartilage. In the further course, abrasion and chipping of cartilage particles then occur, which then move freely in the synovial fluid.

Which joints are most affected?

As a rule, it affects joints that are subjected to high loads, are used a lot and bear the brunt of the body’s weight. These are e.g. hip, knee, shoulder and elbow. But in principle, any joint of the dog can be affected. Also a toe joint.

What can you do if your dog suffers from osteoarthritis? – valuable tips on how to behave!

  1. Please do not spare! – The important thing is to maintain mobility. Otherwise, the arthritis in the joint will continue to progress and your dog’s muscles will deteriorate. Targeted exercise training is important here for your dog as a supplement to daily walks. This is a way to stop the progression of osteoarthritis.
  2. Match your dog’s exercise and exertion to his state of health. I recommend you switch to several shorter walks throughout the day instead of fewer short ones with a diagnosis of osteoarthritis. Your dog will not be as exhausted and the recovery period will be much shorter.
  3. Dog coat in cold wet weather – because this is very unpleasant for dogs with joint disease. The cold creeps into the joints and causes pain. A dog coat keeps your dog’s joints nice and warm
  4. Ensure normal weight – avoid at all costs. If your dog already has too much on his ribs, he should lose weight in a healthy way.
  5. Make everyday life easier – you can make it easier to get in and out of the car with a dog ramp, for example, and save your joints. facilitate with a ramp and thus save his joints.
  6. Helpers from nature – frankincense, devil’s claw, ginger, rosehip and sea buckthorn berry have anti-inflammatory effects, support the joints and help your dog with osteoarthritis.
  7. Healthy sleep – when your dog is well bedded, this supports his musculoskeletal system and provides comfortable relief from joint conditions such as osteoarthritis.

Does your dog also suffer from osteoarthritis? How do you support him with his condition? Feel free to share your experiences with me in the comments!Osteoarthritis in dog Osteoarthritis in dog

All the love, your Tina

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