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The dog bed – These 6 points you should consider when choosing!

Ein Hundebett für deinen Vierbeiner - bei der Auswahl sollte mehr als die Optik eine Rolle spielen. Die wichtigsten Punkte erfährst du hier!

Most of our four-legged friends have more than one dog bed. But what criteria do we use to choose a bed for our dog?

Our dogs use their crib not only to sleep in it at night. Even during the day, they rest, snooze and cuddle there. So as many hours they spend in it, you should consider a few points more than the shape and color. Our dogs should simply be well bedded.

Therefore, I have compiled some important points for you, which you should definitely consider when choosing a dog bed.

  • Even though dogs often curl up small: the sleeping area should be large enough for your dog to stretch out completely.
  • The crib should be in a warm, draft-free place and well insulated to keep out floor cold.
  • Dogs like to feel protected when they rest. A slightly raised edge on the dog bed ensures that your dog can snuggle up and his body heat is better reflected. Many dogs, for example, in case of osteoarthritis, by itself seek the warmth and love to lie so.

These points are also important in a dog bed:

  • Make it easy for your four-legged friend to get into his crib: the entrance should be comfortable and not too high, especially for older dogs or those with musculoskeletal disorders.
  • Well padded is important: with the right dog bed can avoid bedsores, which affect especially older dogs or those with joint diseases.
  • And the most important point in conclusion: take a look at the inside of the dog bed – preferably before you buy it! A good filling material is the linchpin of a dog bed and determines how comfortable your dog actually lies. Orthopedic beds, which have a so-called memory foam, are especially recommended. However, in many “normal” dog beds are used only cheap foam or small pieces of foam and filling absorbent cotton.

Your beloved four-legged friend will thank you if you think about these points when buying the next dog bed and he can sleep soft and well bedded.

All the love, your Tina

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