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Pain-free through autumn and winter with joint problems – 5 tips to support your dog in everyday life!

Gelenkschmerzen beim Hund haben direkten Einfluss auf die Lebensqualität des Hundes. Erfahre hier, woran du sie erkennst, wie Hunde Schmerzen empfinden und welche Auswirkungen chronische Schmerzen haben.

If there’s one thing our dogs suffer from when it comes to joint problems, it’s the cold, wet weather in the fall and winter. If then also still wind comes to it…well bravo! Dogs are – like us humans – quite sensitive to the weather. This means that the dog usually feels in his joints days before a change in the weather. This means aching and stiff joints that make every movement uncomfortable. Joint pain dog

Of course, it continues in the same way when the bad weather front arrives. Really rest in terms of joints dogs suffering from joint disease actually have only when there is dry-cold weather.

However, the weather is one of those things that we simply cannot influence. However, there are a number of things you can do to help dogs cope with the combination of cold, wet weather and joint problems.

This doesn’t make osteoarthritis, spondylosis or hip dysplasia go away, but it does provide relief and alleviates discomfort. Below I have compiled a number of tips for you on how you can actively support your dog in the dark and cold season and thus provide him with great relief.

How to support your dog in autumn and winter with joint diseases joint pain dog

Keep moving – “a rolling stone gathers no moss”.

Yes, I know that’s a trite and stupid saying. But he was. It’s perfectly legitimate for walks to be shorter when the weather is lousy and your joints are aching. In any case, we should respect the needs of our dogs. Still, it’s important to keep your dog moving. This is the only way to ensure that his joints don’t get rusty. Once mobility is restricted, osteoarthritis has free rein and the muscles also deteriorate. Your dog is then in a vicious circle. So if walks are shorter, your dog needs compensation. Support this with targeted movement training. You can do this super indoors or in the apartment and at the same time have a wonderful indoor activity for your dog in dirty weather.

Protective dog coat joint pain dog

A walk in wet and cold weather in combination with joint diseases should in any case be joined by a dog coat. It offers your dog a highly functional protection. And it doesn’t matter how big your dog is, or if he has long fur. If a dog has joint problems, a dog coat is always a useful thing. Cold and moisture is effectively prevented from getting to the dog and “creeping” into the joints – which in turn would cause pain.

Warm berth

Yes, we also like to snuggle up by the warm fireplace. Most dogs do the same. Tessa loves to be tucked in even in the winter. In any case, you should make sure that your dog’s resting place is in a draft-free place and that it is warm. Also make sure it has a good mattress. This is the only way to ensure that his joints are supported gently, as is his spine. Good blood circulation is also ensured and can thus also support pain relief. I really swear by a good orthopedic dog bed here – with 17-20 sleeps a day, you should definitely pay some attention to where your dog sleeps.

Soothing warmth

Heat does a good job with pain and joint problems. That is a fact. However, inflammatory joint diseases are excluded. Then it is off limits. But with, for example, osteoarthritis, elbow and hip dysplasia and also spondylosis, your dog will benefit enormously from, for example, red light. In spondylosis, it is important to work with heat only outside of an acute episode. By the way, even if your dog suffers from a chronic rheumatic or chronic inflammatory disease, heat helps very well. Pain is relieved in all cases, tension is eased and joints become more mobile.

Pain-relieving compresses – like grandma used to make them

I love wraps. Seriously! My personal favorite poultices: quark poultice, comfrey poultice and rescuer’s point poultice. They are easy to use and have simply proven very effective over many generations. I especially like to recommend curd compresses. It is particularly simple in its application. It is a cold compress and can be used for acute pain therapy in inflammation and swelling. It can be positioned very well directly on the painful joint and thus acts on the spot. By the way, here you can find instructions for the curd wrap. Joint pain dog

Come well with your dog through the fall and we wish you many beautiful autumn walks together!

All the love, Tina

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