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7 tips to make life easier for a dog with a disability!

Hund mit Behinderung - diese 7 Tipps erleichtern deinem Hund das Leben!

If a dog has a disability, so you have to constantly adapt your life to the needs of the dog in everyday life. Many dog owners are confused when the dog has problems in locomotion due to a disease or, for example, due to an amputation is even only on three legs. You quickly feel overwhelmed because so much suddenly changes in your everyday life. It’s the same when you’re considering giving a home to an older four-legged friend or a dog with a handicap. There is a lot of uncertainty about how to do justice to the dog. You have to rearrange your life and adapt it to the dog’s special needs.

Handicap?! – No need to worry!

If you are in this situation, that your dog needs assistance because of his age or suffers from a handicap, I would like to ease your worries. That’s why in this blog article I’m going to put together some simple tips and tools that you can use to make your life together and your dog’s everyday life easier.

This is how you make everyday life easier for you and your dog!

The offer of aids for senior dogs and with handicaps becomes ever larger – however many dog owners do not know these yet at all! By the way, I don’t accept the argument: “It’s still a dog! Both for you and for your dog, such tools offer a huge relief in life. I think this point is extremely important because it saves you time and energy for great activities together. And why not take advantage of developments in the veterinary field and make life easier!!!

Make your dog’s life easier with these tips:

  • Sure, already on the subject of elevated water/feed bowl there are discussions. I know, the wolf doesn’t get his rabbit served on the tree trunk either so he doesn’t have to bend over. But I’m sure you can imagine what a relief an elevated food bar would be for your dog
  • Line the areas in the house or apartment where your dog moves the most with non-slip carpet, yoga mats, artificial turf or similar. This gives him support and prevents falls.
  • In the cold season offers a warming coat- protects your dog from getting cold, keeps joints and muscles supple and prevents tension.

You also make life easier for yourself and your dog:

    • Dog ramps for the car – sure, you can easily lift a small dog into the car. If you have a larger dog, I recommend a dog ramp. Here your dog can safely get in and out of the car.
    • Carrying aids when climbing stairs – a small dog can be carried comfortably, but if the dog is larger or heavier, it becomes problematic. It’s dangerous for you and your dog because you could get off balance and the risk of falling increases. There are practical carriers that allow you to climb stairs easily and safely. Make sure the carrier is made of neoprene and has a good fit. It should not cut in any way, as this is painful for your dog.
    • orthopedic dog beds – good sleep is important for every dog. But especially for older, sick and handicapped dogs it is very important to be stored in a way that is easy on the joints. Your dog not only lies perfectly, but also the blood circulation is optimal and pain can be relieved and avoided.
Orthopedic technology has a wide range of solutions ready:

Orthopedic technology for dogs – it is no longer in its infancy. And it is developing rapidly. Modeled after the human field, more and more ways are being developed to assist your dog with handicaps. Thus, the following products are widely used today. In most cases, a custom fit is advisable for optimal relief and fit.

  • Bandages
  • Orthotics
  • Prostheses
  • Hunderolli

You see, life with a handicap dog is sure to present you with one challenge or another. However, there are many ways to make life easier for you and your dog.

What other hacks do you have that make life easier for your handicap dog? Always here with it! Feel free to share them with me and other dog owners in the comments!


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