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4 Tips to get a dog with joint problems back in shape fast & what you should avoid!

Mit diesen Tipps hilfst du deinem Hund bei Gelenkproblemen und unterstützt, dass er wieder fit wird. Zusätzlich erfährst du, was du vermeiden solltest!

Joint problems in dogs are an issue that affects almost every dog owner in the course of a dog’s life. Again and again dog owners then ask me for tips on how to get their dog fit again with joint problems and what is absolutely taboo for the dog. In this article, I’ve put together a number of important points for you on how to support your dog and what to avoid on the broom – or what are sensible alternatives.

Adapted movement – but do not spare completely

The important thing is to maintain mobility. Otherwise, the arthritis in the joint will continue to progress and your dog’s muscles will deteriorate. Targeted exercise training with active exercises is important here for your dog as a supplement to daily walks. This is a way to stop the progression of osteoarthritis.

Match your dog’s exercise and exertion to his state of health. I recommend you switch to several shorter walks throughout the day instead of fewer short ones with a diagnosis of osteoarthritis. Your dog will not be as exhausted and the recovery period will be much shorter. In addition, active exercise training is essential to maintain mobility and musculature

Dietary supplements for pain therapy and joint support

Helpers from nature – such as frankincense, devil’s claw, ginger, rosehip and sea buckthorn berry – have an anti-inflammatory effect, relieve pain, support the joints and help your dog with osteoarthritis.

You can help support joints and bones by taking supplements. Preparations such as collagen peptides or green-lipped mussel can also do a good job of caring for and nourishing the joints. Overall, our nature already holds a great variety of natural means that support the dog’s body.

A sleeping place chosen with care

Our dogs sleep 17-20 hours a day. Even when they are not sleeping, they use their dog bed to rest, snooze or retreat. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the good quality of the sleeping place. The main thing to look at the inside of the dog bed and attach importance to a high-quality mattress. I highly recommend orthopedic dog beds, because a good orthopedic dog bed relieves pressure on the joints and spine. Thus, a joint-friendly lying is promoted, a good blood circulation is ensured and joint pain due to bad lying is prevented. Here, of course, I would like to recommend our orthopedic dog beds developed by me. What makes them, you can learn here: orthopedic 2-component mattress.

Extra tip: provide pain relief with heat and cold

For painful joints due to osteoarthritis, one can very well resort to either red light or cherry stone pillows but also to cooling curd compresses. They naturally relieve pain in the joint and thus provide more mobility.

Are there things that a dog with joint problems should definitely not do?

Excess weight is taboo in osteoarthritis (and actually in principle!)!

Being overweight makes your dog sick and is extremely harmful for joint diseases like osteoarthritis. Even a little too much on the ribs harms your dog permanently! The “few grams” to severe obesity is a major cause of joint disease and makes it even worse.

The joints of your dog are permanently overloaded and misloaded, the mobility is limited, pain and tension arise, the muscles break down. A true vicious circle. Your dog has too much on the ribs? Then start now with a diet in combination with adapted exercise.

Dog sports – always adapted to the disease

Dog sports should always be selected specifically for osteoarthritis and other joint diseases. I recommend avoiding sports such as agility. Instead, you should switch to sports such as Degility or Mobility. Here, the diseases of your four-legged friend are taken into account and you have a lot of fun together. The type of exercise should also always be based on your dog’s physical needs.

Avoid excessive loads that put additional stress on a joint suffering from osteoarthritis

This includes, for example, avoiding short stops, tight turns, etc. if there is arthritis in one joint of the front legs. These arise especially during activities such as games of balls , frisbee and throwing sticks. Jumps put equal stress on front and hind legs. So jumps in and out of the car are to be avoided and also sports that require jumps are taboo. With the car, for example, you can resort to ramps.

Joint problems dog

Joint problems dog Joint problems dog Joint problems dog Joint problems dog


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