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Bandages and orthotics for dogs – how they work and provide more stability for joints

The orthopedic field for dogs is developing more and more and so especially the fields of orthotics and bandages for dogs have developed rapidly. What ...
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Methylsulfonylmethane – MSM – food supplement for your dog’s joints.

When a dog suffers from joint problems, dog owners are often looking for a dietary supplement that can actively support the dog’s joints. I think ...
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Your dog has osteoarthritis? Tips for sensible arthritis management!

“Managing” osteoarthritis in dogs is something that causes a lot of problems for most dog owners. Because osteoarthritis can really be an “ass”. Even if ...
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Gelenkschmerzen beim Hund treten häufig auf und beeinträchtigen unsere Hunde. Erfahre hier, woran du sie erkennst und was du tun kannst.

Joint pain in dogs: Important signs and what you can do!

Your dog is an important part of the family, and it is our common goal to ensure that he is always well. One of the ...
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The Achilles tendon rupture in dogs – causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment options.

Have you ever heard of a ruptured Achilles tendon in a dog? The Achilles tendon is the strongest tendon in the body. It includes tendons ...
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Pain memory in dogs – why it is so dangerous and how to treat it.

Pain in itself is unpleasant, but it has an important function in the dog’s body – and of course in the human body as well. ...
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Strain in dogs – how it occurs, what it means and how to treat it.

Just like us humans, dogs can also pull a muscle. Maybe you know it, that your dog just ran happily and wildly with his dog ...
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How good dog training is built and why it’s important that your dog is doing well in the process! – Guest article by Anne Bucher

In many of my blog articles I have already looked at the topic of pain from different angles. It is a broad subject area and ...
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Dog massage made easy with the massage glove – instructions for dog owners

Many dog owners are very interested in the subject of dog massage. But they don’t always want to venture into real massages. You don’t always ...
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Ginger for dogs – help with osteoarthritis, hip dysplasia & Co.

In humans, ginger has long been known to be healthy and healing. But what about the dog. Can you also give ginger to the dog? ...
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Devil’s claw – this is how it helps your dog with joint diseases!

Devil’s claw is a medicinal plant native to Africa. However, their effect is now known far beyond the borders of Africa. After being used in ...
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2 anti-inflammatory supplements for dogs – rosehip & sea buckthorn berry

There is a great variety of helpers from nature in the form of medicinal plants and also a wide range of anti-inflammatory supplements for dogs. ...
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4 helpful tips to prevent joint problems in dogs – Part II

There are many different ways to prevent joint problems in our dogs. Many of them you can easily implement in everyday life. Already in the ...
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Relieve pain in dogs with hot packs, red light & Co.

Relieving pain in dogs is a big topic. But sometimes you can also prevent the administration of painkillers – and if so, how?! Absolutely! With ...
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Pain in the dog – When the dog does not sit and training is of no use – Guest article Bothshunde

Pain in dogs is big topic. Dogs show that they are in pain in different ways. Behavior can also show that a dog is in ...
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7 tips on how to delay the aging process of your dog

Is it possible to prevent a dog from growing old? No, we cannot prevent our dogs from getting older. The last article was already about ...
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Water rod in dogs – extremely painful disease

Especially in the summer it often occurs: the water rod in dogs. This is a very little researched disease in dogs, which is very painful. ...
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Your dog doesn’t want to jump into the car anymore? – This is not defiance!

Your dog doesn’t want to jump into the car anymore and you are totally annoyed about it? He stands indecisively in front of the open ...
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