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4 helpful tips to prevent joint problems in dogs – Part II

Du möchtest Gelenkprobleme bei deinem Hund vorzubeugen? Im Artikel gebe ich dir vier unkomplizierte Tipps für den Alltag!

There are many different ways to prevent joint problems in our dogs. Many of them you can easily implement in everyday life. Already in the last article I gave you 4 valuable tips to avoid joint problems. In this article, I’ll introduce you to four more easy-to-implement tips to prevent joint disease in your dog. Even if your dog is already suffering from joint disease, you can use them to support him and delay the progression of the disease. Prevent joint problems dog

1. fit and mobile in every situation prevent joint problems dog

Exercise promotes joint health. This is true regardless of your dog’s age. The amount of exercise should always be adapted to the current state of health and the age of your four-legged friend. It’s not necessarily necessary for your dog to get 4 hours a day of exercise to stay fit. Too much exercise can also be harmful to the joints and lead to overuse injuries. It’s the way you move your dog. In addition to balanced walks that are adapted to your dog’s needs, you can support your dog with active exercise training.

Basically, running at a steady trot (or on a bike, of course, if you enjoy it) is healthy and easy on the joints. In addition, it keeps fit not only the musculoskeletal system, but also the cardiovascular system. But everything should always be adapted to the health and age of your dog.

2. the ground under the paws – so crucial

Asphalt and other hard surfaces are not healthy for the joints. They are overloaded when running on hard surfaces and movements are not cushioned. Let your dog run as much as possible on field, forest and meadow surfaces. There your dog not only much more to sniff. These soft and springy surfaces are oh so much healthier for the joints. Because they gently cushion the movements. At the same time, balance, motor skills and coordination are also trained on these surfaces. Prevent joint problems dog

3. responsible dog sport

Many dogs enjoy sports. It offers a great way to keep your dog physically and mentally exercised. During sports, however, you should never do without the warm up and cool down. Both form the basis for responsible, healthy and successful dog sports. With a good warm up, your dog’s body can better handle jumps, abrupt stops and tight turns. This significantly reduces the risk of joint damage and injury.

Warm Up is not a training time. Therefore, plan extra time for this. As a rule, about 10-15 minutes are absolutely sufficient. After exercise, also take time to cool down. It allows your dog to recover faster. The body’s regeneration phase is shortened and overload damage is avoided.

4. the right age for sports prevent joint problems dog

Don’t start dog sports until your dog is no longer growing. Have him checked for common joint diseases beforehand. If necessary, various sports are then taboo. You can still be active with your four-legged friend. In sports like Degility or Mobility, your four-legged friend’s illnesses are taken into account and you have a lot of fun together.

As you can see, it is actually not difficult to do something for the health and joints of your four-legged friend even preventively.i

All the love, your Tina

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