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7 tips on how to delay the aging process of your dog

Is it possible to prevent a dog from growing old? No, we cannot prevent our dogs from getting older. The last article was already about how the dog’s body changes with age. But there are measures that delay the aging process. Keeping a few things in mind when living and doing activities with your dog – even when he’s young – will definitely have an impact on him as he gets older. But even if your four-legged friend is a senior citizen, you can still have a positive effect on the aging process. I’ll tell you how! Tips dog old

Avoid obesity tips dog old

Optimal body weight has a great impact on your dog’s health and aging process. The more optimal the weight of your dog, the easier and more joyful he will move. If he is overweight, it creates a serious health risk. The life expectancy with overweight shortens drastically by up to 20 percent! The consequences of obesity will harm your dog for life. Your dog gets into a vicious circle. The joy of movement decreases, because every step is difficult. The entire musculoskeletal system is overloaded and the joints permanently damaged. The efficiency of the cardiovascular system also decreases. Movement becomes an effort. And less movement means less consumption of energy. This leads to further weight gain. In addition, the risk of diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and tumors increases.

Avoid misuse and overload dog old

Sure, our four-legged friends should and may be active. Also sporty. But always make sure you don’t put your dog through too much. Sports activities should always be adapted to the breed, physique and state of health. Do not overtax your dog physically. He has only one body and being overambitious in sports harms him for life and inevitably results in musculoskeletal disorders. Remember to warm up before exercise and cool down after exercise to ensure quick recovery.

Good nutrition

Make sure to feed your dog a balanced, healthy diet that is as species-appropriate as possible. Good nutrition not only affects well-being in the here and now but also has a long-term impact on health and the aging process. At the dear Anke Jobi from Clean Feeding you will find comprehensive information about it.

When your four-legged friend gets older T

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Useful dietary supplements

Nutritional supplements are a great way to support your dog as he ages. There is a wide range of nutritional supplements. It is important to always pay attention to the quality when choosing. Also, make sure you combine the remedies wisely. Tips dog old

Exercise suitable for seniors

Even in old age, your dog needs exercise. You should structure these differently, but no amount of movement will cause it to rust and age faster. You can also see it in humans: older people who have been active all their lives and make sure to exercise regularly even in old age stay fit and agile longer and get sick less often. The development and progression of diseases such as osteoarthritis and spondylosis can thus be positively influenced. In addition, you avoid that your dog loses muscle and mobility is limited. The cardiovascular system also needs exercise. The only exception is: your dog has been prescribed strict rest. Nevertheless, it is normal that the body tires more quickly with advancing age and takes longer to regenerate. The performance of the cardiovascular system and also the performance of the musculoskeletal system decreases. The joints have one or the other arthrosis, the musculature becomes weaker. If we now insist that the four-legged friend completes the same amount of exercise as an adult dog, we are overtaxing him. His joints become overloaded and ache. His muscles tense. The heart has to perform better than it can. Your dog is exhausted and spent.

How to move my dog without overloading it

Your dog’s exercise should be adapted to his age and state of health. Varied walks are also important and do him good. It helps an older dog a lot if instead of taking two big walks a day, you take him on several shorter walks. The continuous movement is good for your dog and the recovery periods after the walk are significantly shortened. In short, your dog exhausts less and can better manage his energy. During walks, always make sure your dog doesn’t get out of breath. He should not start to limp or fall back. Make sure walks are finished before he shows signs of exhaustion.

Targeted exercise training tips dog old

With regular, targeted exercise – also known as dog fitness training – you can keep your senior dog fit and significantly delay the ageing process. Dog fitness is not just for healthy dogs, but can be perfectly adapted to the needs of ageing dogs and slow down the ageing process in the long term. You train your dog’s mobility and muscles, as well as nerve function. Coordination, balance and body awareness also remain stable. In addition, the movement training also means work for the brain. Here you will find a way to specifically make your dog more mobile and keep him fit: EXERCISE TRAINING FOR OLDER DOGS

Dog sports in old age

Has your dog played sports all his life? Then it is difficult to deny him this completely in old age. There are gentle sports that do not strain the musculoskeletal system. But at the same time they promote his fitness. Degility or mobility as well as tracking, obedience and trick dogging are recommended. Please don’t forget the warm up and cool down!

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We can’t prevent it – our dogs get older and physically decline. Often this fact makes us helpless. Because what actually happens in the dog’s body when dogs age? How can we support our four-legged friends, keep them mobile and even delay the aging process! And what can I still expect my dog to do, what is fun for older dogs and how do I deal with the aging of my four-legged friend? Tips dog old

Above all, how can I support my senior dog’s health? If this interests you and the health of your older dog is important to you, then take a look at my wide range of online courses on the subject of senior dogs. Whether it’s fitness training for senior dogs, measures to accompany them in old age or vital mushrooms – the subject of senior dogs is close to my heart and that’s why I’ll show you what’s possible.

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