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Your dog doesn’t want to jump into the car anymore? – This is not defiance!

Your dog doesn’t want to jump into the car anymore and you are totally annoyed about it? He stands indecisively in front of the open trunk, seemingly unwilling to move another millimeter. Or he tips nervously from one side to the other. Even when you get out of the car, he looks at you with big, questioning eyes. From the belly we assume our quadruped usually first of all that he simply does not want to listen, that he is stubborn, has no desire, etc..

However, if it happens more often that your dog no longer wants to jump into or out of the car, then you should definitely question it. There may then be much more to it than that.

This is definitely not an isolated case. I have experienced it very often in initial conversations with dog owners in my practice, when I have asked whether the dog can, for example, still “normally” get into the car. After thinking about it for a short while, I often got the statement: “Yes, that’s right, he hasn’t wanted to do that for some time. But I thought that is now just his stubbornness”.

And suddenly the dog owner realizes that he has really done wrong to his dog – possibly for a long time. The dog might have liked to hop in the car as usual, but couldn’t.

Therefore, I can only suggest to you: when you notice changes in behavior, always put the physical and mental aspects into context.

What can be the reasons?

Dogs also often avoid various movements or actions in everyday life because they are uncomfortable or even in pain. This can be caused by various joint diseases, such as osteoarthritis, elbow and hip dysplasia or spondylosis. Besides the pain, the consequence of a disease of the musculoskeletal system is also that the body feeling changes to the negative. The dog no longer trusts his body 100%. This makes him particularly insecure in such situations.

Even if our four-legged friends slowly get older, at some point they lack the strength to jump into the car independently and their own body perception deteriorates.

How should you respond?

It is then very important not to force and pressure the dogs. Your dog needs support and you should give it to him. If your four-legged friend is small and doesn’t weigh much, lift him into the car and out. For the larger dogs, there are now great ramps that make getting into the car much easier. You can get in and out safely and easily. And also the back of the dog owner is spared.

At the same time, if your dog refuses to get in or out of the car more often, I also recommend that you get to the bottom of the cause. If your four-legged friend suffers from a disease of the musculoskeletal system, it is important to treat it and give him the best possible support.

How does it look like with your quadruped, have you had this situation often? How did you deal with it and what was the cause? Feel free to leave me a comment!

All the love, your Tina

Dog does not want to jump in the car anymore Dog does not want to jump in the car anymore Dog does not want to jump in the car anymore Dog does not want to jump in the car anymore

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