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Tag: OCD

Dog fitness for your dog’s forehand – 3 active exercises for musculature and mobility

In diseases of the dog’s forehand, such as elbow dysplasia or OCD of the shoulder, it is very important to maintain joint mobility. The musculature ...
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OCD in young dog – when the young dog gets joint problems

When a puppy or young dog moves in, it is generally assumed that the new four-legged family member is fit and healthy. Because what diseases ...
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Are dogs allowed to climb stairs? – these are the Go’s & No Go’s!

Whether dogs are allowed to climb stairs is one of the frequent questions I am asked. It is a topic that is much discussed among ...
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Ginger for dogs – help with osteoarthritis, hip dysplasia & Co.

In humans, ginger has long been known to be healthy and healing. But what about the dog. Can you also give ginger to the dog? ...
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Food Supplement – New Zealand Green Lipped Muscle Extract – Help for Osteoarthritis, Hip Dysplasia & Co.

New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel Extract is a proven nutritional supplement for dogs as well, because it provides excellent nourishment for joints and promotes joint ...
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The 7 most important symptoms of OCD of the shoulder in the young dog

At first glance it sounds surprising, but there are several joint diseases that affect even young dogs. This also includes OCD of the shoulder. It ...
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Collagen peptides for dogs – Our experience with Collagile Dog

When it comes to dietary supplements for joint diseases, Collagile Dog is currently on everyone’s lips. But what is it actually all about? We wanted ...
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Nibbling and licking the joints – this is not a cleaning mania!

Often, nibbling and licking the joints is considered part of grooming. Of course, our four-legged friends also engage in personal hygiene. For example, after a ...
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When the young dog suddenly limps – OCD of the shoulder

Diagnosis: OCD of the shoulder – A case report from practice My latest article in My Heart Barking #19 on OCD of the shoulder, is ...
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Diagnosis OCD – two exercises that support rehab

How can you help your dog with shoulder OCD? Your dog’s osteochondrosis dissecans (OCD) has been successfully treated? Now it’s all about supporting your dog ...
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OCD of the shoulder – what does it mean for your dog?

OCD of the shoulder – typical disease in young dogs In this article, I’ll tell you how OCD develops. You will learn how to recognize ...
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