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Collagen peptides for dogs – Our experience with Collagile Dog

Collagile Dog Erfahrung Kollagenpeptide Hund Doggy Fitness

When it comes to dietary supplements for joint diseases, Collagile Dog is currently on everyone’s lips.

But what is it actually all about?

We wanted to know that, too. And since Snowy suffers from various joint diseases such as spondylosis, osteoarthritis in various joints and hip dysplasia, we decided to try it ourselves.

Therefore, we ordered a can of the “miracle product” to see if it delivers what it promises.

However, besides the effect, it is equally important for us to know what we are feeding. Many supplements are enriched with fillers or the ingredients are of poor quality. Therefore, let’s first look at what the product is made of.

What’s in Collagile Dog?

Collagile Dog consists purely of bioactive collagen peptides. Fillers missing! Collagen is a protein produced naturally in the body. It is mainly found in connective tissue and as a fibrous component of bones, tendons, cartilage, ligaments, skin, blood vessels and teeth.

Collagen supports, for example, the pressure and resistance of cartilage, the flexibility of bones, and the tensile strength of tendons and ligaments. The collagen content in the joints decreases with advancing age. Since the joint cartilage consists of a very large proportion of collagen, it makes sense to support it and keep it as stable as possible.

In order to exclude an allergen risk against proteins, a collagen hydrolysate is obtained from collagen, which in turn consists of collagen peptides.

Extra Tip:

I recommend giving you collagen peptides along with vitamin C in the form of rosehip or sea buckthorn berry. This increases the effect of collagen and the body is stimulated to produce its own collagen.

How well tolerated are collagen peptides and in particular Collagile Dog?

The bioactive collagen peptides are free of allergens. This means allergic reactions are not possible. The compatibility is extremely good. The product is food grade and has no side effects. It can also be easily taken with along with other medications.

In addition, it is tasteless and is thus accepted even by my critical Snowy. She is otherwise very creative in picking around supplements.

Our experience with Collagile Dog

We were very curious to see if Snowy would also benefit from the Collagile Dog. As recommended by the manufacturer, we doubled the dose for the first ten days. Already after these first 10 days we had the feeling that Snowy seems a bit more active overall and moves easier. Questionable if it would stay that way if we reduced the dose to “normal”. However, she continued to be more active in the weeks that followed. Getting up and lying down seemed to be additionally easier for her.

In addition, she coped better with weather changes. During our training sessions, I notice that Snowy finds various exercises easier and more fluid. Overall, more movement has come into her joints and she shows a willingness to move. This condition has remained stable even after 6 weeks of regular administration.

We have therefore decided that we would also like to support Snowy permanently with the administration of collagen peptides from Collagile Dog. We can also recommend Collagile Dog in good conscience as an effective and high-quality nutritional supplement.

As with all supplements, it is important to remember that each dog should be considered individually. What shows with the one quadruped a clear effect, remains with the next dog ggfs. without any effect. It is also important to note that no dietary supplement is a substitute for a visit to the veterinarian, comprehensive diagnostics and therapeutic treatment.

However, it is a very good supplement to support the health of the dog and its joints, as well as to relieve pain and inflammation.

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