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Nibbling and licking the joints – this is not a cleaning mania!

Often, nibbling and licking the joints is considered part of grooming. Of course, our four-legged friends also engage in personal hygiene. For example, after a walk, many dogs first put in a little “cleaning session”. This includes, for example, licking paws and belly and cleaning the face with the paws. Each dog does this intensively on an individual basis.

When do I need to be concerned?

However, if your dog nibbles and licks extensively on certain joints more often than just during the grooming session, this is definitely not part of grooming. Rather, they are a clear sign that your four-legged friend may have joint disease. The joints “pull” and it hurts.

Often, dogs with conditions such as osteoarthritis, elbow dysplasia, or hip dysplasia exhibit this exact behavior. And because it has crept in over time (it always has, right?!), it is usually not recognized as a symptom of joint disease.

In some dogs, the licking and nibbling even goes so far that the fur is short or even nibbled away in the appropriate places. Bald patches occur, some of which may be oozing and, in advanced stages, bleeding. Attention, there is an acute risk of inflammation. Open spots on joints heal very badly, because there is always a lot of “movement” there. Wounds tear in this way again and again.

You should act while nibbling and licking the joints

So, if you notice that your four-legged friend nibbles one or more joints more often or licks them extensively, you should definitely take it seriously and have it checked by your veterinarian. It is one of the most common signs of joint disease.

With the timely diagnosis of
or other joint disease, you have the opportunity to stop the progression of the disease and alleviate your dog’s discomfort. Measures such as nutritional supplements, physiotherapy and exercise training, gold acupuncture or, depending on the extent and clinical picture, treatment with painkillers or anti-inflammatory drugs are helpful. I myself have had very good experiences with gold acupuncture for my Snowy in combination with regular physiotherapy. We supplement the whole thing with a sensible combination of nutritional supplements. We could still do without painkillers until then.

As a result, the nibbling and licking also decreases or disappears completely.

You can also treat your quadruped very well with e.g. Quark compresses support, because they relieve pain.

Want to learn even more about signs of musculoskeletal pain or disease? Then I put you my article Signs Pain to your heart.

Have you noticed your dog nibbling on joints too? If so, what have you done and what helps your four-legged friend?

All the love, your Tina


Nibbling and licking the joints Nibbling and licking the joints Nibbling and licking the joints Nibbling and licking the joints Nibbling and licking the joints


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