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Dein Hund wird älter und wird ruhiger? Ich gebe dir wertvolle Tipps für gemeinsame Aktivitäten mit deinem Hundesenior.

Slow down – activities with the dog senior – when interests and needs change

Dog senior Dog senior – From power package to connoisseur Their interests are also changing. This is something that is completely normal and we as ...
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How long is your dog allowed to walk? – how much is good, when does it become harmful? The most important factors

Many dog people ask me how long a dog is actually allowed to go for a walk, or what distances it is allowed to run ...
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Osteoarthritis = sparing? – Why it’s so important to keep your dog moving when he has joint problems

When dog owners receive a diagnosis of osteoarthritis in their dog, they are usually unsure what is still good for their dog in terms of ...
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These are the points to consider when exercising your dog in high summer temperatures – no ifs, ands or buts!

In my doggy fitness training group, the question was recently asked about how best to do it on these particularly warm days, in terms of ...
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How long can my old dog go for a walk and how much exercise does he need anyway?!

That’s a question I get asked all the time. But how much exercise is actually good for older dogs? And is it even possible to ...
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Senior-friendly exercise – THIS is what you should definitely consider!

It feels like from one day to the next your dog lets himself fall back during the walk. One or the other movement becomes more ...
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7 tips on how to delay the aging process of your dog

Is it possible to prevent a dog from growing old? No, we cannot prevent our dogs from getting older. The last article was already about ...
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Cycling with your dog – health and fun

Properly implemented cycling is a great workout for dog and owner Cycling with dogs is high on the list of activities for many dog owners. ...
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