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How long is your dog allowed to walk? – how much is good, when does it become harmful? The most important factors

Wie lange darf dein Hund spazieren gehen? – wieviel ist gut, wann wird es schädlich? Die wichtigsten Faktoren erfährst du hier.

Many dog people ask me how long a dog is actually allowed to go for a walk, or what distances it is allowed to run during the day. The bad news: how long walk dog

I cannot give a universal answer to this. I would also like to explain why this is so.
If we make a small comparison to humans, we quickly realize why. If you ask yourself how long a person is allowed to go for a walk, it quickly becomes clear that there can be no general statement. There are small people, big people, healthy and sick, sporty and unsporty, old and young. In short, each person is to be considered individually. It is exactly the same with our dogs.

What are the factors that determine the length of the walk for our dogs? How long walk dog


It’s actually quite clear. A puppy or young dog should only go on age-appropriate walks. You can read more about exercise for puppies and young dogs here. With long walks you risk diseases of the musculoskeletal system, which may develop. can also only show up years later. Older dogs also form a separate group. In old age, physical strength slowly diminishes. Adjust the movement accordingly to avoid overloading. This would significantly increase the recovery period of the body. You can learn what to look for in an older dog in this blog article.

Body shape, height and weight

Long-legged dogs with a slender body shape can usually run easier, longer distances than dogs with a stocky, beefy body shape. The size of the dog can also play a role. Consider how many steps a Pinscher has to take to match one step of an Irish Wolfhound.

Condition How long walk dog

The condition of the dog is independent of the muscularity of the dog. There are dogs with a muscular status, but they do not have a very good condition or endurance. This means that their walks can not be as long, although they have good musculature.

Fitness How long walk dog

The musculature = strength also has a decisive influence. Good muscling, good joint mobility, coordination and body awareness create a good basis for walks. But as already written, a good condition is also indispensable.

Health status

Dogs with musculoskeletal conditions can usually be exercised somewhat less intensively than dogs without joint problems. Consideration must always be given to the diseases individually. Of course, the same is true for any organic disease.

Day shape How long walk dog

The dog’s daily form should also always be taken into account. Just like us humans, our dogs are not in the same good mood and equally resilient every day. Therefore, adjust your walks accordingly and see how your dog feels before you go out. How long walk dog

But that’s not all. There are other factors that have an influence. I’ll just call these external factors for now.

External relevant factors for the length of the walk

Temperature & Humidity

Very cold or very high temperatures play an important role in your walks. Both are very strenuous for the dog’s body and should be considered. Humidity also affects how long you should be on the road.

Ground condition How long walk dog

Pleasant forest soil, grass or field paths are super for the joints. Asphalt and gravel quickly become uncomfortable for our dogs, especially if they suffer from joint disease. But also sandy ground, or ground that is very uneven or very yielding, means increased effort. In addition, snow and icy conditions are also exhausting and especially ice is also dangerous. Be sure to adjust the length of the walk here. 1 km over forest soil is something completely different than 1 km through the sand.


3 km on a flat track are something else than 3 km where it goes uphill and downhill again and again. The effort is much higher and differences in altitude should always be taken into account when planning the walk route.

In any case, please avoid exhausting your dog. Unfortunately, there is still a common belief that it is important to exercise dogs regularly. This is absolutely wrong and has the opposite effect: it comes to overload and the dog’s body is challenged beyond measure. This has an impact on the health of the dog. You can learn more about the topic here.

Do you have any questions about walking? Then feel free to leave me a comment or email me at How long walk dog

All the love, your Tina

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