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These are the points to consider when exercising your dog in high summer temperatures – no ifs, ands or buts!

Wenn die Temperaturen steigen & dein Hund gut mit der Hitze zurecht kommen soll, gibt es in Sachen Bewegung einiges zu beachten. Hier erfährst du mehr!

In my doggy fitness training group, the question was recently asked about how best to do it on these particularly warm days, in terms of activities. Since this summer will again reach us one or the other heat wave, I have summarized in this article some important points on the subject of dogs in the summer and also activities with dogs in the heat.

These points you should consider in any case dog heat

  1. You should take your daily walks in the early morning or late evening. In the sweltering midday heat, walks are an absolute health hazard. There is also nothing against it if the walks are significantly shorter. The heat is exhausting for the dog’s body and to insist on the normal walk here, rather little sense and in case of doubt a health risk.


  1. Shady forest paths or parks are ideal for summer walks. Avoid walking your dog on hot asphalt or open fields without protective shade. If you are unsure if the floor is too hot for your dog, place your flat hand on the floor for 5 seconds. Or stand barefoot on the floor yourself for once. Dogs can get burns on their paws on hot floors. Therefore, please do not underestimate this danger.

Dog sports & exercise training – what works and what doesn’t!

  1. Dog sports activities, jogging and cycling should also only take place in the early morning or late evening. If it is already warm even at these times, please just leave it alone for the sake of your dog! There is no discussion there, in my opinion. The risk of circulatory collapse or heat stroke is otherwise very high. Training in the sun is absolutely taboo. Should you decide to train, make sure your dog always has access to water. Dog heat


    1. Regarding active exercise training, you should see how your dog’s condition is. If it is very hot and he hardly moves anyway, then you should respect that. In principle, however, there is nothing against doing some exercises in the morning or evening when it is cooler. You can reduce the program accordingly if in doubt. Please make sure that the training takes place in the shade and that your dog always has access to water.

Be responsive to your dog’s needs!

  1. Plenty of sleep: rest is the most important thing for the human body in heat. It’s the same with your dog. Plenty of sleep and a shady, cool spot where you can relax and sleep away the day or doze off is optimal.


  1. A trip to the lake or stream in the morning or evening is a nice way for your dog to get some exercise, as well as enjoy some nice refreshment. Make sure here that he does not jump into the cool water overheated. Even if your dog doesn’t go swimming, but just wades his feet through the water for a bit, it’s great refreshment! What you should consider when swimming and treading water, I have summarized again in this article: Swimming and treading water with dog.

Conclusion – dog in summer – what to consider in terms of exercise! Dog heat

There’s nothing wrong with your dog moving less on warm or hot days. It is simply a completely natural behavior that you should please respect! Adapt your activities to this and by no means insist that your dog has to complete a certain program!

Dog heat


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