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Your dog has osteoarthritis? Tips for sensible arthritis management!

“Managing” osteoarthritis in dogs is something that causes a lot of problems for most dog owners. Because osteoarthritis can really be an “ass”. Even if ...
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Pain-free through autumn and winter with joint problems – 5 tips to support your dog in everyday life!

If there’s one thing our dogs suffer from when it comes to joint problems, it’s the cold, wet weather in the fall and winter. If ...
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How long is your dog allowed to walk? – how much is good, when does it become harmful? The most important factors

Many dog people ask me how long a dog is actually allowed to go for a walk, or what distances it is allowed to run ...
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That’s how harmful it is to really “exercise” your dog on a regular basis

Dogs need to be exercised – so really, right? It’s been a big trend in recent years for dogs to (need to) be “exercised” on ...
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These are the points to consider when exercising your dog in high summer temperatures – no ifs, ands or buts!

In my doggy fitness training group, the question was recently asked about how best to do it on these particularly warm days, in terms of ...
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Is your dog’s weight optimal? How to tell if your dog is too fat!

is your dog overweight? At least he would not be alone in this, because almost every second dog is unfortunately overweight nowadays. Tendency increasing: more ...
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9 tips for behavior in elbow dysplasia

The elbow joint of the dog is a complex joint and is composed of the three joint partners ulna, radius and humerus. They form a ...
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4 helpful tips to prevent joint problems in dogs – Part II

There are many different ways to prevent joint problems in our dogs. Many of them you can easily implement in everyday life. Already in the ...
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Cycling with your dog – health and fun

Properly implemented cycling is a great workout for dog and owner Cycling with dogs is high on the list of activities for many dog owners. ...
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