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Tag: Overweight

Toe joint arthrosis in dogs – when the paws hurt with every step

When a dog suffers from osteoarthritis in the toes – that is, arthritis of the toe joint – it is usually downplayed and trivialized. It’s ...
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4 Tips to get a dog with joint problems back in shape fast & what you should avoid!

Joint problems in dogs are an issue that affects almost every dog owner in the course of a dog’s life. Again and again dog owners ...
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Cycling with dog – these things you should know!

Especially in spring and summer, cycling with the dog is a popular sporting activity. When done correctly, it’s a great workout for the dog. It ...
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Bone cancer in dogs – all the facts about the disease

Bone cancer is a common cancer in dogs. There’s no need to beat around the fact that the prognosis is extremely poor. However, it is ...
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Causes of obesity in dogs – so your dog gets fat!

Obesity is a serious health risk. Causes of obesity in dogs – there are definitely several. And here I do not mean: “It’s all just ...
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Is your dog’s weight optimal? How to tell if your dog is too fat!

is your dog overweight? At least he would not be alone in this, because almost every second dog is unfortunately overweight nowadays. Tendency increasing: more ...
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Your dog does not like to swim or is not allowed to? – Treading water for dogs – the alternative

Treading water for dogs is becoming more and more popular. But why actually? Dogs can swim, right? Plus, it sounds mind-numbing. But they do exist, ...
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Swimming with a dog – these 10 points you should consider!

Swimming with dog is a popular activity in the hot summer months. Many dogs love to swim and frolic in the cool water. A welcome ...
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4 helpful tips to prevent joint problems in dogs – Part I

Is there actually the possibility to prevent joint problems in dogs? Absolutely! But even if your four-legged friend is already suffering from joint disease, you ...
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Physiotherapy in dogs – so versatile it can be used!

I’ll say it right away: physiotherapy for dogs is indeed recommended for “every dog”. Item. Completely without reason, there are still voices that ridicule physiotherapy ...
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Degility – healthy and cool sport for your dog!

When it comes to degility, my physical therapist heart beats faster. Why? Because I never tire of repeating how important active exercise is for dogs ...
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Back pain in dogs – how to recognize it!

Back pain in dogs is no exception! If you think that back pain in dogs is an exceptional phenomenon, you are far wrong. Many more ...
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How to recognize overweight in dogs and prevent them from getting sick

You are unsure if your dog suffers from overweight? Obesity is a touchy subject. Often it is difficult for us to assess whether our dog ...
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How does your dog get fat? – the fatal consequences of obesity in dogs

Obesity is a serious health risk overweight dog Nobody likes to hear that their dog is too fat. Obesity is a sensitive topic, which many ...
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