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Degility – healthy and cool sport for your dog!

When it comes to degility, my physical therapist heart beats faster. Why? Because I never tire of repeating how important active exercise is for dogs of all ages. No matter if “foot lame” or fit. Targeted and meaningful exercise makes and keeps fit. It delays the aging process and significantly improves the state of health.

And since dog owners always ask me what sport they can do with their dog, even if he has a disease of the musculoskeletal system, I put you all today Degility to the heart.

What is Degility?

Degility is a combination of agility and mobility. Various obstacles are overcome in the process. Doesn’t sound like much at first? It is. Let me explain why. Degility is a very joint-friendly sport that makes the heart of every physiotherapist beat faster. Motor skills, balance and coordination are promoted. At the same time, muscle development, flexibility and body awareness are trained.

In addition, the bond with the dog owner and the concentration of the four-legged friend is promoted.

Any dog can join

By the way, the sport is not only suitable for fit sporting dogs because of its joint-friendliness. Also dogs with handicaps, diseases of the musculoskeletal system as well as seniors benefit enormously. Size and weight of the dog do not matter. Any dog is suitable. Devices such as the steep wall do not exist. I think it’s great because it has a very strong compressing effect and puts a lot of stress on the joints.

Ambition is out of place!

Patience, calm and time are required! Together, dog and owner work out obstacles like suspension bridges instead. The obstacles and speed are individually adapted to the needs of the four-legged friend. The dog can explore the obstacles in peace and consciously complete them. Pressure and coercion are absolutely taboo.

Higher, faster, further was yesterday!

Speed is absolutely not in the foreground. On the contrary. It’s all about precision, concentration and deliberate, quiet work. This can quickly become a challenge for impulsive dogs – and a wonderful workout. The security, which the quadruped experiences on the place by the successful completion of the course carries itself naturally also into the everyday life. Everyday situations can be mastered more easily.

Slow does not mean boring!

The demand that Degility has on our four-legged friends is not to be underestimated. On the contrary, slowly and consciously working out the obstacles is demanding and requires training.

The positive effects of Degility summarized:

  • Joint-friendly training of musculature, mobility, coordination and balance
  • Better body feeling
  • Better motor skills
  • Increased physical performance
  • Increased mental performance, the brain is kept fit
  • The aging process is delayed
  • Endorphins are released – the dog is more satisfied
  • Better bonding and communication between dog and owner
  • Last but not least: a lot of fun!

So go ahead: on the Internet you will find a variety of degility offers. Just try it out.



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