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Your dog does not like to swim or is not allowed to? – Treading water for dogs – the alternative

Wassertreten für Hunde - die Alternative, wenn Hunde nicht gern schwimmen oder wenn Schwimmen tabu ist, wie bei einigen Gelenkerkrankungen.

Treading water for dogs is becoming more and more popular. But why actually? Dogs can swim, right? Plus, it sounds mind-numbing. But they do exist, the dogs that just don’t like to swim or panic when they can’t feel the ground under their feet. But there are also diseases of the musculoskeletal system where swimming is simply taboo.

If you have elbow or knee injuries, as well as some back conditions, your dog should not swim. Then you can switch to treading water. Treading water is definitely the better choice and it is wonderfully relaxing to wade through the water with your dog, it cools your dog down wonderfully and treading water has a great training effect at the same time.

What is the training effect and what does it do for my dog?

Taking your dog through the water at a walk and trot is an efficient workout for muscles and joint mobility. Your dog must move deliberately and balance precisely. It’s good for his body image! Due to the water resistance, the effort is much higher and the muscles are trained more than when running on land.

When treading water, you are also training a normal and healthy range of motion. And it’s also great exercise for the cardiovascular system. On the positive side, the deeper your dog wades through the water, the less body weight he has to carry.

How long can my dog tread water? Treading water for dogs

Start by exercising in shallow water and then progress to knee-deep treading water. Start with 1-2 minutes and slowly increase the units.

These points you should consider in any case for the training fun in the cool water!

  • When treading water, you’ll start with the water reaching your ankle and then progress through knee-deep water to hip-deep water.
  • While treading water, lead your dog on a harness and leash so that you can set the pace and his movements are fluid – this is the only way you will have a training effect!
  • You should always base your training sessions on how your dog is feeling on a daily basis. Like us humans, our dogs are not equally capable every day.
  • The water should not be too cold. Then your dog’s muscles contract and tense up. If your dog is shivering, he won’t enjoy training in the water either.
  • For young dogs and older dogs, I would always recommend treading water on the shore. It is optimal if your dog can go into the water on a shallow shore. You should avoid uncontrolled jumps into the water.
  • By the way, eating is taboo before treading water or swimming. Just like any other sporting activity. Not only that it is not good to train with a full stomach. It can even be hazardous to health.
When is treading water taboo?

In case of fever and infectious diseases, open wounds, inflammations and severe heart diseases, your dog should refrain from swimming and treading water.

I wish you and your dog a lot of fun in the cool water!

All the love, your Tina

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