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Tag: Osteoarthritis in dog

Muscle injury in dogs – how it happens, how you can recognize it and how the rehab should be done.

Both, for example, when playing with other dogs, but also in dog sports, muscle injuries often occur. Among them, painful muscle strains, muscle pulls, the ...
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Exercise training for osteoarthritis in dogs – these 3 active exercises promote joint mobility and strengthen the muscles

Osteoarthritis is one of the most common joint diseases in dogs. The joints that bear most of the body’s weight are often affected. These include ...
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Your dog has osteoarthritis? Tips for sensible arthritis management!

“Managing” osteoarthritis in dogs is something that causes a lot of problems for most dog owners. Because osteoarthritis can really be an “ass”. Even if ...
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Gelenkschmerzen beim Hund treten häufig auf und beeinträchtigen unsere Hunde. Erfahre hier, woran du sie erkennst und was du tun kannst.

Joint pain in dogs: Important signs and what you can do!

Your dog is an important part of the family, and it is our common goal to ensure that he is always well. One of the ...
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Cow hessianism in dogs due to muscular imbalance – causes, consequences and treatment

Cow hessianism in dog What is the effect of cowhessianity in dogs? Incorrect alignment of the hip and knee joints, as just described, does not ...
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Nettle for dogs – gentle and effective relief for joint diseases such as osteoarthritis.

Nettle for dogs? Really?! Nettles know many people because they hurt nasty when you touch them. Yes, and as an annoying “weed” that grows pretty ...
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Lameness on the forehand in the dog – these are the possible causes

When a dog is lame in the forehand, our first thought is that joint disease in the foreleg is the cause. This is by no ...
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Osteoarthritis in dogs: what plants help against pain

Osteoarthritis plays a very large role in the joint diseases of our dogs. It is also always important here to look at how to alleviate ...
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Rabbit hobbling and hip swaying in dogs – what joint disease it indicates

Have you ever seen a dog that hops its hind legs like a rabbit at a trot? At first glance, this looks cute in any ...
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Weather sensitivity in dogs – when arthrosis & Co. are particularly painful

Weather sensitivity in dogs – does it exist? Many dog owners perceive that their dog is worse in wet and cold weather. Lameness is more ...
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That’s why osteoarthritis doesn’t always cause pain – but is still there!

Osteoarthritis is one of the most common joint diseases in dogs. Most dogs develop osteoarthritis in the course of their lives. Most often, the joints ...
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Cruciate ligament rupture in dogs – causes and consequences

The cruciate ligament rupture in dogs – feared by many dog people, because it occurs so unpredictably. Therefore, this blog article is mainly about the ...
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Osteoarthritis in dogs – 7 important tips for behavior

Every dog person has actually heard of osteoarthritis in dogs. It is one of the most common joint diseases in our four-legged friends. Osteoarthritis is ...
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Claw care in dogs – 5 reasons why it is so important!

Yes, I know, many dog people like to sit out the issue of dog claw care. You are afraid of hurting the dog. The dog ...
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2 anti-inflammatory supplements for dogs – rosehip & sea buckthorn berry

There is a great variety of helpers from nature in the form of medicinal plants and also a wide range of anti-inflammatory supplements for dogs. ...
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You should know these symptoms of hip dysplasia in dogs!

Do you know the classic symptoms for hip dysplasia? Most dog owners have heard of hip dysplasia, as it is one of the most common ...
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Osteoarthritis in dogs – the main symptoms

Osteoarthritis in dogs is one of the most common joint diseases. This is a chronic, progressive change in the joint that limits function. Various causes ...
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