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Mini course pain signs in dogs incl. Free checklist

It is often not easy to recognize pain in our dogs at first glance. In my free mini course, I have put together how you can recognize pain, what signs of pain there are in dogs and you will also receive a free download of your checklist on the subject of “signs of pain in dogs”. Whether we are talking about older dogs or dogs with musculoskeletal disorders: Our dogs should always be cared for pain-free for the best quality of life. This free mini course gives you a good understanding of pain in dogs and important impulses for good and sustainable pain management.

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I am a dog physiotherapist and book author. Welcome to Doggy Fitness. Dog physiotherapy has been my passion for many years now and I have been privileged to help many dogs gain more pain-free mobility. My guiding principle is “movement is life”. I am joined by Tessa, who you will also see in my online courses. We have been going through life together for many years now. For me, she is the best proof of how much our dogs benefit when we humans take care of their health. Thanks to dog fitness training, gentle massages and supportive measures from nature such as medicinal plants, she is still really fit even at 13 years old. I show you in my courses how you can achieve this with your dog. And it doesn’t matter if you have a healthy dog that you want to support preventively, or a dog with a musculoskeletal condition, or a senior dog. I look forward to seeing you in one of my classes.

Does that sound familiar?

Then you are exactly right here!

The free online mini course shows you clearly and understandably what signs of pain in dogs can be

What you can expect in the FREE course Pain signs in dogs

Start your FREE Doggy FitnessMini course today Recognizing signs of pain - incl. Checklist

You will gain more confidence in recognizing pain in your dog in order to support him.

Clear structure of the signs of pain

There are an incredible number of different pain symptoms. This can quickly lead to confusion. You will see all the signs clearly divided into different categories such as behavior or physical changes, giving you a better overview.

Checklist for download

In the course you will receive a detailed and structured checklist to download, in which you can make notes and see transparently whether your dog is showing signs of pain.

Safety with the topic of pain in dogs

You will also gain a basic understanding and knowledge of the subject of pain and valuable initial ideas for pain management . This will give you confidence in dealing with the issue and give you a better view of your dog’s health and condition.

Always & everywhere with the Doggy Fitness APP

With the free Doggy Fitness APP for all course participants, you can use your online course anytime and anywhere – even offline. So you can support your dog at any time – just open the app and get started! It’s never been easier to support your dog’s health!

No idea how your dog shows pain?

Learn to reliably recognize pain in dogs with Doggy Fitness!

Now for FREE with the online mini course "Pain signs in dogs - incl. Start the checklist!

Register now and gain confidence in reliably recognizing pain in your dog!

THE free mini course to learn to reliably recognize pain symptoms in dogs

My detailed checklist to download on the subject of signs of pain in dogs
Your exclusive advantage: At the end of the course module you will receive a 15% voucher from me, which you can redeem on the course of your choice!
The most common signs of pain clearly and structurally divided into categories
Basic knowledge about pain in dogs and important impulses for pain management

What you get

  1. The FREE online mini course “Recognizing signs of pain in dogs – incl. Checklist” is a self-learning course with structured modules that shows you in detail and divided into different categories what common pain symptoms are . This gives you maximum transparency and a real overview.
  2. I share with you my detailed downloadable checklist of signs of pain in dogs, which gives you a valuable tool for recognizing pain in your dog. Including structured options for your own notes to record any anomalies.
  3. You will gain basic knowledge on the subject of pain and at the same time valuable ideas on how you can relieve pain in different ways – keyword pain management.
  4. A 15% discount code that you can redeem on all Doggy Fitness classes.

More advantages for you

All content is developed and understandable so that you, as a dog person, can easily replicate it and not harm your dog.

Maximum flexibility

You can start the course at any time.

incl. 15% discount code

You will receive a 15% discount code at the end of the class to apply to all Doggy Fitness classes.

Are you in?

This course costs you 0 euros and offers you a lot of valuable knowledge for the health and well-being of your dog

Bonus content

This will change for you and your dog

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This is what the course gives you and your dog

Your dog will benefit from your knowledge of dog health.

You can give quality of life through your influence.

The opportunity to enjoy valuable time together.

You have fun together and enjoy life.

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