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Vacation with dog – Fit on vacation with this simple training! (advertisement)

Urlaub mit Hund Doggy Fitness aktive Übungen

The vacation season starts again and what could be better for us dog owners than to spend the vacation with our dogs. Even though we try to be intentional about every day, I always really enjoy vacation days with Tessa and Snowy. Finally a lot of time together, which you want to fully enjoy – breathe deeply, sleep in, discover new things and let your soul dangle. You can spend time together far away from the normal (work) everyday life and experience things together and explore the surroundings. Vacation with dog

With so much time together, what could be more natural than taking a few minutes each day to keep your dog fit and healthy?

Sure, this is important and indispensable for your dog even in normal daily life. But often the motivation to start is missing – you keep putting it off. Such a vacation together is the right time to get into training and find a routine that you can continue to implement in your everyday life after the vacation. Even short training sessions with simple active exercises have a great effect. You do a lot for the health of your dog. Not only flexibility, musculature, coordination and balance are trained. It also gets the cardiovascular system going.

In addition, you’ll have a lot of fun together and you’ll strengthen your bond. That’s why I’ve put together 4 simple exercises you can do with your dog every day while on vacation – no matter where you are. You don’t need any equipment. We use exercises that most four-legged friends already know from everyday life – but which have a high training effect.

Exercise training made easy – four simple and effective exercises

Important in all exercises vacation with dog

– all movements should be done as slowly as possible, so that your dog has to concentrate.

– start with 3 repetitions per exercise per day.

– for all exercises your dog should stand on a non-slip, level surface.

The first exercise STEH-SIT-TRANSFER: Vacation with dog

Exercise Seat Tessa Doggy Fitness Vacation with Dog
Exercise Seat Tessa Doggy Fitness Vacation with Dog

You bring your dog from stand to sit and then back from sit to stand. If possible, he should stay in one place and not move away from the front. If you stand quite close to him, it is easier for him to stay in place.

With this exercise you train the muscles and mobility of the hind legs, the muscles of the lower back and the overall balance and coordination.

The second exercise SEAT TRANSFER:

You put your dog in the sit. Now you give him the signal to go into the square. From there, it should move back into the seat.

The exercise mainly trains the mobility of the front legs and the muscles of the shoulder girdle, upper back and front legs.

Exercise Seat Troy Doggy Fitness Vacation with Dog
Exercise Seat Troy Doggy Fitness Vacation with Dog
Exercise Square Troy Doggy Fitness Vacation with Dog
Exercise Square Troy Doggy Fitness Vacation with Dog

The third exercise STAND-PLACE-TRANSFER:

Your dog is standing. Now give him the signal to go into the square. He should not sit down first, but go directly from stand to place. Then let him go again from the square directly into the standing position. Also in this exercise, when standing up, he should stay in one place if possible and not move away from the front.

The exercise is a true full-body workout! The mobility of all joints is trained, the musculature of all four runs and also of the back. At the same time you promote balance and coordination of your four-legged friend.

Exercise Stand Troy Doggy Fitness Vacation with Dog
Exercise Stand Troy Doggy Fitness Vacation with Dog
Exercise Square Troy Doggy Fitness Vacation with Dog
Exercise Square Troy Doggy Fitness Vacation with Dog

The fourth exercise GIVE FIVE! Vacation with dog

Exercise Paw Snowy Doggy Fitness Vacation with Dog
Exercise Paw Snowy Doggy Fitness Vacation with Dog

When giving a paw, your dog should sit best. Let him give you both paws in turn. You can also vary the height and have the paw given to you at different heights – all the way up to a high five!

Giving paw is something most dogs know. But did you know that you train flexibility and muscles of the front legs, strengthen the shoulder girdle and your dog also trains his coordination and balance?

When are the exercises off limits?

Training is off limits for your dog if your dog is suffering from pain or acute inflammation in the joint. If your dog has stiffened joints, refrain from exercises that require flexion of the affected joint. You should also take it easy on your dog during acute infections and fevers. Vacation with dog

You can do all four exercises indoors, but also outdoors. Even on your walks, you can incorporate them.

But you can do even more on your walks and excursions!

1. exercise training in water vacation with dog

Long walks on the beach and fresh sea air are dreamlike. Many dogs enjoy frolicking through the seawater. Taking your dog through the seawater at a walk and trot is an efficient workout for the muscles and joint mobility. Your dog must move deliberately and balance precisely. It’s good for his body image! Due to the water resistance, the effort is much higher and the muscles are trained more than when running on land. On the positive side, the deeper your dog wades through the water, the less body weight he has to carry. Start by exercising in shallow water and then progress to knee-deep treading water. Start with 1-2 minutes and slowly increase the units.

No sea in sight?

No problem, a lake with a shallow shore is also suitable for your training! You can tread water in the lake in the same way and the training effect is the same. Again, starts with 1-2 minutes of wading through the shallow water. This can be done alternately at a walk and trot. Then rise to knee-deep water.

2. off to new shores – training in the sand vacation with dog

On the beach but also on many lakeshores there is sand – and we use it for your training. Running in the sand is very strenuous – much more strenuous than running on normal solid ground. Your dog trains strength and muscles, has to lift his paws higher and bend his joints more than on hard, level ground. His balance and coordination are also promoted.

3. forest and meadows as balance course

In nature, it’s over hill and dale. Intense smells surround your dog and he makes his way through meadows and the forest. This is totally exciting! But it also trains his fitness. The uneven and many different surfaces are the optimal balance and coordination training for your dog. Your dog perceives movements consciously and his body awareness is trained and improved. In addition, the musculature and joint mobility is promoted.

4. two additional outdoor exercises: Tree trunk & Co. as training equipment

Look for several thick branches on the walk. They should be such that your dog can easily climb over them. Place them one behind the other, a dog’s length apart. Then let your dog walk over it slowly, step by step. In the process, you train his joint mobility, balance and coordination. In addition, musculature and a healthy motion sequence are promoted.

You can also use tree stumps and thick stones. Lead your dog slowly in a slalom around the obstacles. As with cavaletti training, the distance between obstacles should be about one dog length. With this exercise you train your dog’s body awareness, balance and coordination. At the same time, the spine is brought into a slight sideways flexion, kept mobile and the muscles are trained. This exercise is also great for a healthy movement routine!

You can repeat both exercises three times each. If you want to keep your dog fit after your vacation, take the time to continue doing the exercises at home!

What about your vacation planning

Vacation with dog -
Vacation with dog –

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I wish you a wonderful vacation season and many great, unforgettable experiences!




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