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Tessa is getting older – and she doesn’t care! – Dog aging process

Alterungsprozess beim Hund - das Thema scheint zumindest Tessa egal zu sein, die in diesem Jahr 10 wird. Was es für mich verändert erfährst du im Artikel.

What Tessa’s aging process changes for her & me old dog

I have already written some professional articles on this blog about old dogs or the aging process in dogs. Simply because it is important to me that dog owners know what is happening in the dog’s body during this phase of life. After all, it is not only the external changes, such as a gray muzzle, dull eyes or sunken muscles. Many processes also take place or change in the body. old dog

The professional side is one thing – but what does the aging of the dog do to me? Dog aging process

Besides all the tips on how to deal with the aging of the dog in practice, however, I also realize that it changes a lot for me to know that Tessa is getting older. Tessa was born in 2010. Statistically, she is now an older dog. This year it turns 10 years old. When I see her running wild hooks in the backyard with the neighbor’s dachshund, it’s hard to imagine. When he yelps in frustration at some point, because she just keeps giving him the long nose and loosely hanging up on him – even though he’s blazing fast for a dachshund – yeah, that’s when my heart swells. Dog aging process

My dog getting older scares me old dog

Yes, now you know: I am afraid. Before age. And not before my age, but before that of my dog girl. Even though I have some background knowledge as a dog physio and could also approach my dog’s aging process “scientifically”, it scares me sometimes. Not because I think that I would no longer have so much fun with Tessa, when she can no longer hit wild hooks and everything goes a little slower. Dog aging process

But I see that our time is finite. When the dog is younger, you often don’t realize it. You have the feeling that you still have an eternity ahead of you. And then suddenly the dog is already 10 years old. Quite often I look at her little face and try to remember if there used to be more little brown freckles.

This changes in my thinking and actions Aging process in dogs

For me personally, the topic of mindfulness has come to the fore, especially in the last year. I know it sounds a bit hackneyed. Everywhere people talk about mindfulness. But for me, it is indeed an issue. On our walks I try to be completely with Tessa. Quite often I leave the cell phone at home. But also when she snuggles up with me at home, I often pause and try to consciously enjoy the moment.

At the same time, I try not to panic or calculate how much time we might have left. Even though I have to admit that sometimes these thoughts come to me. Yes, sometimes I have that panic and I think it’s human.

Tessa lives in the here and now

Tessa probably keeps it like all other dogs: she lives completely in the here and now. She doesn’t look back at the past, she doesn’t think about what tomorrow could be. She enjoys the moment, every treat she gets, every caress – every conspiratorial look between us. And she feels when I am with her 100% and she has my undivided attention. Dog aging process

Just like she senses when I’m stressed or annoyed. With that in mind, at the top of my list this year is to stop fretting so easily, take it slow, and not waste time senselessly.

As a dog owner, how can you deal with the aging of your four-legged friend?

I believe that there is no patent remedy. Every dog owner must find his individual way for himself. What I can advise everyone to do, however, is to live in the moment. I think it’s good to come to terms with the fact that our dogs are getting older and our time together is finite. This helps to consciously experience time together.

How are you doing with your dog getting older? What thoughts are going through your mind about this? Feel free to leave me your feedback in the comments! Dog aging process

All the love, Tina

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