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Healthy dog sports – your dog’s health in mind! Interview at dog sport Nubi

Das Thema Gesundheit wird im Hundesport immer größer und wichtiger. Im Interview mit Hundesport Nubi verrate ich dir die wichtigsten Basic dazu.

The topic of dog sports – and especially healthy dog sports – is something I encounter again and again and more and more as a dog physiotherapist. “Thank God!” – I must say. It shows me that the awareness of dog sportsmen for the health of their dogs is becoming more intense and also more important. For me, dogs are simply not “sports equipment” but partners with whom you do sports together.

The movement of dogs and the musculoskeletal system are being looked at more and more closely, because it has been shown in the long term that responsibly practiced dog sports not only lead to the four-legged friends being more efficient, but also to injuries being prevented and reduced. But also joint diseases as a result of overload and incorrect load is minimized. That’s a good thing!

Healthy dog sport – The team of dog sport Nubi asked me holes in the belly – thanks for that!

I was really pleased when our long standing contact resulted in Mara and Tim from the blog Hundesport Nubi interviewing me about dog sports. Both are, as the name of the blog suggests, absolutely dog sports enthusiasts. It is just as important to them that they do their dog sports with their two dogs Wollie and Nubi, always with the health of their two four-legged friends in mind.

These questions were particularly close to the hearts of the two:

  • What hurts our dogs the most in dog sports – Keywords: Warm up, straight out of the car onto the course, critical movements etc….
  • Where is the difference between dog fitness and trick training – yes a very important question – there are a few similarities but basically two completely different pairs of shoes.
  • The topic of footwork – how it affects the dog’s body, with what exercises you can support and counteract. Also a great question, because you see many dogs that fall into the pass gait due to intensive footwork.
  • Which joint diseases can be prevented with fitness training in dogs. That’s quite a lot, of course.
  • As I motivate Tessa during training – it seems that it has also gotten through to them that Podencos are sometimes a bit – shall we say – self-sufficient in their actions.

I’m sure all of these are questions and topics that interest you as well. Even if they are specific to dog sports, some questions are also relevant to everyday life with a dog. If you are interested in my answers about this, then go here to the interview at Hundesport Nubi with Martina Flocken. By the way, Hundesport Nubi also has an exclusive discount code for the Doggy Fitness courses in the article. Thank you to Tim & Mara for making it a matter of the heart for you to always focus on the health of our dogs in sports!

I hope you enjoy the article!

All the love, Tina

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