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Therefore, puppies and young dogs should not jump (for fun)!

Welpen und Junghunde sollten nicht springen - auch nicht zum Spass. Erfahre hier, warum das so ist und was sonst im Hundekörper passiert.

Again and again I see videos in which puppies and young dogs jump over hurdles or other obstacles. Often just for fun. But this can be very dangerous for a young dog. Now, you may think to yourself that this is completely over the top when a puppy or young dog jumps over an obstacle a few times for fun. He’s just going through the motions.

But especially this is fatal! In this case, the risk of injury is particularly high. Puppies do not jump

Why is that? Puppies do not jump

The active and also the passive musculoskeletal system – e.g. muscles, bones, joints, tendons and ligaments – adapt to regular movements in their structures. This means that when a dog is subjected to a regularly recurring load, for example in sports, the body adapts. For example, bone density increases in the more stressed regions of the body. The body can handle the load. Puppies do not jump

Now, if a dog jumps over hurdles or otherwise jumps over obstacles just for fun, the body is not prepared for this stress. With puppies and young dogs it is added that the dog does not know the movement sequences well in many cases and therefore cannot balance and control them well.

The musculoskeletal system is not yet trained for such actions. In addition, the growth plates of puppies and young dogs are not yet closed and jumps are poison for the musculoskeletal system. If compressive movements occur, the growth plates may close more quickly and growth may be inhibited. This is already assumed to be the case in humans and also in dogs. Puppies do not jump

How to do it right?

As your dog grows, he should only go for walks that are appropriate for his age, and he should be happy to romp with his doggy buddies. But movements like jumps should be avoided. By the way, this also includes jumping in and out of the car.

You can introduce your dog in the growth phase, for example, to running on different surfaces, and overall train his coordination and body awareness with active movement training. By the way, training together also strengthens your bond.

With this you create a good basis for him for his whole life. Jumping, such as in dog sports, should be introduced to your dog slowly when he is fully grown. But before that, you can already familiarize him with the obstacles, for example.

All the love, your Tina

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