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Legg-Calvé-Perthes disease in dogs – the clinical picture, cause, symptoms, affected breeds and diagnosis.

Legg-Calvé-Perthes is also referred to as aseptic femoral head necrosis. Necrosis means the death of one or more cells. Legg-Calvé-Perthes disease is a disease of ...
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Movement training for young dogs – 2 active exercises for a good body feeling and coordination

When a young dog moves in, as a dog owner you delight in his clumsy and often awkward movements as he explores the world step ...
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4 Reasons why many joint diseases develop in puppyhood – and how you can avoid them!

In the puppy and young dog period, few dog people think about the fact that their dog could develop problems with his joints. Everything is ...
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Therefore, puppies and young dogs should not jump (for fun)!

Again and again I see videos in which puppies and young dogs jump over hurdles or other obstacles. Often just for fun. But this can ...
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Are dogs allowed to climb stairs? – these are the Go’s & No Go’s!

Whether dogs are allowed to climb stairs is one of the frequent questions I am asked. It is a topic that is much discussed among ...
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Exercise in puppies and young dogs – how much is healthy and what is right?

When a puppy moves in, it’s an exciting time. You want to show him the world and experience everything together. The exploratory urge of the ...
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The 7 most important symptoms of OCD of the shoulder in the young dog

At first glance it sounds surprising, but there are several joint diseases that affect even young dogs. This also includes OCD of the shoulder. It ...
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When the young dog suddenly limps – OCD of the shoulder

Diagnosis: OCD of the shoulder – A case report from practice My latest article in My Heart Barking #19 on OCD of the shoulder, is ...
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OCD of the shoulder – what does it mean for your dog?

OCD of the shoulder – typical disease in young dogs In this article, I’ll tell you how OCD develops. You will learn how to recognize ...
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