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Your dog can not sit properly? – What the sitting position says about the musculoskeletal system of your dog

When it comes to the diagnosis of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, the gait of the dog is usually looked at. Rarely is there a ...
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Strengthen the nerve function in dogs – this is how!

When dogs suffer from back disorders, such as a herniated disc, cauda equina compression syndrome, spondylosis, nerve function is often disrupted. The cause here is ...
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Muscle building in neurological diseases – how it works properly – and what is often done wrong!

Herniated discs, Cauda Equina Compression Syndrome, Wobbler Syndrome – these are just a few neurological conditions in dogs. Nowadays, we can not only diagnose them, ...
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Arched back in the dog – this is the cause

Again and again you see dogs that show a distinctly arched back, combined with a very stiff posture and gait. In many cases, this occurs ...
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Ginger for dogs – help with osteoarthritis, hip dysplasia & Co.

In humans, ginger has long been known to be healthy and healing. But what about the dog. Can you also give ginger to the dog? ...
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10 indispensable tips if your dog suffers from spondylosis!

Spondylosis is a real “common disease” in our dogs. Many of our four-legged friends fall ill with it in the course of their lives – ...
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Two exercises from dog fitness training that will help your dog with spondylosis

Your dog has spondylosis and you want to get active? What spondylosis means for your dog was the topic of my last post. As promised, ...
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