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Arched back in the dog – this is the cause

Ein aufgewölbter Rücken beim Hund ist ein häufiges Symptom für verschiedene Rückenerkrankungen. Erfahre hier, wie er entsteht.

Again and again you see dogs that show a distinctly arched back, combined with a very stiff posture and gait. In many cases, this occurs acutely. However, in some dogs it is also a gradual process where the back is kept progressively rounder. arched back in dog

What is the cause of an arched back?

“Cat hump” or “carp back” are commonly used terms when referring to a common symptom of back problems in our dogs. Because if dogs suffer from e.g. spondylosis, herniated discs. Cauda Equina Compression Syndrome or similar, this often leads to severe back pain. As a result, the affected dogs pull up their backs, so that a regular hunchback develops.

How does carp back develop in dogs and what makes this symptom so dangerous? arched back in dog

The dog adopts a protective posture and tries to avoid movements that are uncomfortable for him. Basically, this is a very good measure of the dog’s body to spare painful structures. However, this does not remain without consequences. The tucked-up back causes painful muscular tension, which subsequently leads to further and stronger relieving postures. In addition, tight muscles can press on compromised structures such as herniated discs, exacerbating them. Thus, compression is further increased in the case of a herniated disc or cauda equina compression syndrome. The structures are further damaged and the pain becomes more severe. The dog is in a vicious circle.

It is similar with spondylosis. In an acute episode, spondylosis is painful. The dog takes it easy if you don’t take away the pain. Tension develops, which leads to further movement restrictions. In spondylosis, it is very important to maintain the mobility of the spine as best as possible. arched back in dog

What to do if you observe a raised back in the dog?

In all cases, it is imperative to act quickly. So, if you observe this in your dog, it is important to take the symptom seriously and take your dog to a veterinarian. Especially in the case of an acute herniated disc, for example, every minute counts here. Basically, you should not let a dog “endure” pain, otherwise a pain memory will develop. The pain then remains, even though the original cause has long since been eliminated. In this case, it is that the pain itself has become a clinical picture. arched back in dog

Have you ever observed this symptom in your dog? Feel free to share your experiences with us in the comments!

All the love, your Tina

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