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Strengthen the nerve function in dogs – this is how!

Wenn ein Hund unter einer neurologischen Erkrankung leidet, ist es wichtig, seine Nervenfunktion zu stärken. Erfahre hier, wie es geht!

When dogs suffer from back disorders, such as a herniated disc, cauda equina compression syndrome, spondylosis, nerve function is often disrupted. The cause here is usually a compression of the nerves, as a result of which nerve conduction does not function as usual. However, disorders such as fibro-cartilaginous embolism – spinal cord infarction can also cause nerve dysfunction. All of these conditions can lead to complete paralysis depending on the duration and intensity of compression. Strengthen nerve function in dogs

What are other symptoms of impaired nerve function?

Possible signs may be, for example: Strengthen nerve function in the dog

  • Balance and coordination problems
  • Paw loops
  • weakening musculature
  • Uncertainty with certain movements
  • Buckling with the hindquarters
  • Incontinence

Why does muscle development so often fail to work or work poorly in neurological disorders? Strengthen nerve function in dogs

In rehabilitation, an important therapy goal is then to maintain the dog’s musculature and also to strengthen it again. But this can only work if we have sufficient nerve function. I still frequently hear of cases in which no or very little muscle is built up despite intensive muscle training. This is often caused by the fact that the therapy did not take into account that the nerve function is sufficiently guaranteed.

This means that there is an interruption or defective transmission of information from the brain via the spinal cord and the nerve to the muscle. The information for the muscle to tense cannot be passed on by the nerve, or only inadequately. Therefore, muscle building via pure strength training will never work here.

How to promote and improve nerve function? Strengthen nerve function in dogs

  • Very helpful and effective is stroking out the spaces between the toes. This is best done several times a day. For instructions on how to stroke out the spaces between your toes,check out this article of mine.
  • In addition, stimulating massages help to improve nerve function. You can do this with a soft rubber bar for horses or a massage glove. Perform. Also for this I have created a detailed tutorial for you, which you can find here: Massage with the massage glove.
  • You can brush the paws with a soft baby brush to improve nerve conduction. Be careful not to work with too much or too little pressure.
  • Of course, active movement training must not be missing either. Here it helps a lot to additionally do the exercises on stimulating surfaces with nubs (targets or Sensimats), or simply to use a coconut mat. In this article, you’ll learn exactly what to look for in active exercise training for neurological conditions to make it successful.

And if you would like to get straight into active movement training to support your dog’s back condition and strengthen nerve function, you are welcome to join my BackFIT online course – you can start at any time!

If you have any questions about this topic or are having problems strengthening your dog’s muscles, please get in touch with me and we can talk! (

All the love, your Tina

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