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10 indispensable tips if your dog suffers from spondylosis!

Es gibt viele Möglichkeiten deinem Hund den Alltag zu erleichtern, wenn er unter Spondylose leidet. Ich gebe dir 10 unverzichtbare Tipps!

Spondylosis is a real “common disease” in our dogs. Many of our four-legged friends fall ill with it in the course of their lives – however, it is not uncommon for spondylosis to be diagnosed quite late. The disease is particularly hard on our dogs in the acute phase. However, the consequences of bone braces are also felt in many cases outside of a relapse. In your daily life with your dog, there are many different ways to support your dog. On the one hand, there are measures that relieve discomfort, but there are also many things you can actively do to delay, or prevent, the progression of spondylosis. In the article I present you 10 tips that you can easily implement.

This helps your dog with spondylosis

  • Match walks and exertion to your dog’s current medical condition. Rather take shorter walks, but more often.
  • If your dog is overweight, weight reduction is inevitable. Because every gram too much on the ribs is an additional burden for the bones. It promotes the progression of spondylosis.
  • Competitive sports are taboo in spondylosis. Short stops, tight turns and jumps are extraordinary stresses for the body. You should not put your dog with spondylosis through that. However, there are now many dog sports such as Mobility or Degility. They are designed for dogs with movement restrictions.
  • Avoid jumping in and out of the trunk. If you can’t lift your dog into the trunk, there are handy dog ramps. Dogs usually get used to it quickly.
  • Your dog has trouble walking up and down stairs? There are practical carrying aids. With this you can support and relieve your dog.

This also helps your four-legged friend:

  • Avoid riding other dogs at all costs. Patting and patting on the back is also uncomfortable for your dog.
  • Your dog’s sleeping space should also be set up to accommodate his condition. It should not be located in cold, drafty areas. An orthopedic dog bed, for example, provides wonderful pressure relief for the back. Your dog sleeps like on clouds.
  • Nature has a wealth of supplements available to support your dog. For example, green lipped muscle extract supports the joints. Frankincense and devil’s claw have an analgesic effect.
  • The cold season is particularly hard on dogs with spondylosis. The cold and dampness cause pain and pull into the joints. Avoid the cooling of the back in winter. A dog coat will keep your dog warm, protect his body and make walks much more bearable even in wet and cold weather.
  • A rolling stone gathers no moss. Despite and because of spondylosis, it is important that you keep your dog mobile, well muscled and fit. You can make sure his back stays flexible with targeted EXERCISES. His back muscles also remain stable. This is how you delay the progression of spondylosis.

All the love, your Tina



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