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Tag: OCD of the shoulder

Dog fitness for your dog’s forehand – 3 active exercises for musculature and mobility

In diseases of the dog’s forehand, such as elbow dysplasia or OCD of the shoulder, it is very important to maintain joint mobility. The musculature ...
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Lameness on the forehand in the dog – these are the possible causes

When a dog is lame in the forehand, our first thought is that joint disease in the foreleg is the cause. This is by no ...
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Your dog is having surgery? – 12 important tips for preparation and for the first time after surgery that you should know

If your dog is having surgery for a musculoskeletal condition such as hip dysplasia or a herniated disc, there are usually some unique features and ...
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4 Reasons why many joint diseases develop in puppyhood – and how you can avoid them!

In the puppy and young dog period, few dog people think about the fact that their dog could develop problems with his joints. Everything is ...
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Too fast growth in puppies and young dogs – this is how harmful it is for your dog!

Did you know that if a puppy or young dog grows too fast, it can result in lifelong musculoskeletal disorders? I am always amazed at ...
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When the dog jumps – these are the effects on the forehand

Whether in the forest over tree trunks or sometimes over smaller ditches and obstacles – almost every dog owner has let his dog jump. Regular ...
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OCD in young dog – when the young dog gets joint problems

When a puppy or young dog moves in, it is generally assumed that the new four-legged family member is fit and healthy. Because what diseases ...
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The 7 most important symptoms of OCD of the shoulder in the young dog

At first glance it sounds surprising, but there are several joint diseases that affect even young dogs. This also includes OCD of the shoulder. It ...
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