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Too fast growth in puppies and young dogs – this is how harmful it is for your dog!

Zu schnelles Wachstum beim Welpen oder Junghund kann lebenslange gesundheitliche Schäden nach sich ziehen. Da solltest du vermeiden!

Did you know that if a puppy or young dog grows too fast, it can result in lifelong musculoskeletal disorders? I am always amazed at how ambitious dog owners are in part to have their young dog grow quickly. It seems to apply: fast growth = good care = super dog owners. Growth puppy

Often I read that it makes sense to feed calcium to the dog, and also to provide him with as much food as possible. A dog must grow quickly. But this is a fallacy. Growing your dog is not about “higher, faster, further.” It can be fatal if young dogs grow too fast and the growth is also pushed by the owner, for example by feeding calcium.

But what happens if you simply add calcium? Growth puppy

Unfortunately, too much or the wrong food or excess calcium is not easily eliminated. The body uses the nutrients supplied. Too much calcium and too much or the wrong feed will cause accelerated growth of the bones and thus skeletal development. In addition, structures such as musculature do not keep up and a mismatch between the active and passive musculoskeletal system develops.

Other consequences can include uneven bone growth and cartilage damage. And this already in the young dog age. In a nutshell, this means: your dog is made sick. Growth puppy

What diseases can arise?

An example of this is OCD of the shoulder, which occurs between 4-9 months of age, triggered in part by too much calcium and/or improper nutrition. This then usually leads to surgery when the dog is young. However, not all damage can be treated surgically and cause lifelong problems for the dog.

I recommend you not to add calcium just like that and also to make sure in terms of nutrition that it is appropriate for the dog’s age. Give your dog the time the body needs to develop. Just as we do with us humans. A healthy development needs its (individual) time. If you’re unsure at this point, it really makes sense to get assistance from a dog nutritionist here. Growth puppy

How did you go about feeding your dog when he was a young dog? Feel free to share your experiences with me in the comments!

All the love, your Tina

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