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Tag: Movement puppy

How long is your dog allowed to walk? – how much is good, when does it become harmful? The most important factors

Many dog people ask me how long a dog is actually allowed to go for a walk, or what distances it is allowed to run ...
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4 Reasons why many joint diseases develop in puppyhood – and how you can avoid them!

In the puppy and young dog period, few dog people think about the fact that their dog could develop problems with his joints. Everything is ...
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Therefore, puppies and young dogs should not jump (for fun)!

Again and again I see videos in which puppies and young dogs jump over hurdles or other obstacles. Often just for fun. But this can ...
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Exercise in puppies and young dogs – how much is healthy and what is right?

When a puppy moves in, it’s an exciting time. You want to show him the world and experience everything together. The exploratory urge of the ...
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Swimmer’s syndrome – little researched puppy disease

Have you heard of swimmer’s syndrome? Probably rather not, since this disease occurs in the youngest puppy age. So before you took your dog in. ...
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